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  1. Yes, I use standard keyboard to do this. It's related to wacom Use Windows Ink option in Wacom properties : When it's off, I don't have pressure sensitivity, but I can change the brush size with alt+left+right click. When it's on, pressure sensitivity is enabled in AF, but I cannot change brush size anymore.
  2. I'm using the retail version : 1.7.3 Disabling or enabling Windows Ink does not change anything. Trying 1.8.0 Beta : no problem regarding strokes delays, but pressure sensitivity didn't work at first launch. After restart, sensitivity works, and strokes are perfectly smooth. But I cannot change my brush size anymore with alt+ left+right click. Did you change the shortcut ? Thank you for your help Chris !
  3. Yes Renderer in performance is GTX 970. On my current work, 4000 * 2500 px, with lot of layers, I have the same issue : big delay, especially visible on fast strokes, as AF starts drawing way after it should.
  4. It's a Wacom Intuos 3. If I restart AF; no more problem; the first two strokes in the video are OK. Could it be memory related, or GPU related ? My specs are 16Go Ram, NVidia GTX970
  5. Thanks for your answers! I didn't manage to reproduce what I had, but we can still see some delay between click and start drawing. It's seems like delay in pen pressure detection. BugWarp.mp4
  6. Hi, Paint Brush Tool does not respond correctly anymore after using Mesh Warp Tool. Steps to reproduce : - Paint something on pixel Layer - Use Mesh warp tool to deform it - Go back to Paint Brush Tool, and try to draw anywhere on a layer. You'll start to draw something only on certain areas, randomly. I'm using AF 1.7.3 on Windows 10
  7. Great thanks firstdefence for the quick and detailed answer ! I didn't know this feature, which is perfect to store selections.
  8. Hi! It's possible to select pixels with Ctrl+left Click on thumbnail layer. It's also possible to add pixels with Ctrl+Shift+ left Click on another thumbnail layer. Is there a way to subtract current selection with layer content (like Ctrl + Alt + left Click in photoshop) ? And an other way to have intersection between current selection and layer content (like Ctrl + Alt + Shift+ left Click in photoshop)?
  9. Hi! Thanks Samoreen for the tips. Same here, Affinity Photo looses some functionalities after Alt-Tab to any other program. Move Tool (V) or Color Picker, even if chosen with the mouse in the UI does not respond anymore, and I have to restart Affinity Photo.
  10. Hi, When I press my custom shortcut for Select -> Select Sampled Color, Affinity Photo instantly crashes.
  11. Hi I'm Tolgan, I have been working in video game industry since 2004 as 3d artist, and currently try out Affinity photo for personal projects.
  12. Yes, sometimes I can't use alt-leftclick with brush tool to pickup some color, after alt-tab to an other program.
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