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  1. I downloaded the new 1.8 update (I have already purchased the previous version of Photo, Designer and Publisher). While I was doing so on my MAC, only the Windows version were available ???? How should I get the MAC new updates?
  2. I have a photo in CMYQ and I would like to save separately each channel (in grey scale). I am able to see each one on the screen, but I cannot save them individually. Any help, suggestions?
  3. Thank you so much! After years and years with Adobe, I finally decided to switch to Affinity ! I am so happy with this decision! But sometimes, I still need the help of the community which I find so valuable. There is so much to discover! Thanks!!!!!
  4. I cannot find a way to add a 2points stroke (in red i.e.) around a shape I have selected (with one of the selections tools - free hand or others) fibonacci_gris.afphoto
  5. thank you so much. You have been of great help. I will do more tests and compare with what I get with Photoshop. I think, at this moment, that Photoshop will no longer be necessary! Youppi! Thanks again. Appreciate this very much. Louise
  6. thank you Mike. I downloaded PhotoLine. Was able to convert into a bitmap (easily). Now, could you help find the path to get into the halftone screen, in order to adjust frequency and choose between lines and dots? That would be so useful!!! Thanks in advance.
  7. Thank you for replying so quickly. I am disappointed. I will have to keep my Photoshop soft. -- my subscription for all the other software in the Adobe series will be cancelled at the end of this month... to expensive. I am happy with Affinity Publisher... I found how to do everything I am used to do on Indesign. thanks again
  8. I just bought Affinity Photo. There is something I need to do (that I'm used to do with Photoshop) that I could not find, although I went through the book. How can you convert a grey scale image into a bitmap AND have access to the halftone screen, frequency and choice of lines or dots? chambre blanche bitmap300 invert.tif
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