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  1. chilled.photography

    Font List Locks Designer

    Yup, please to report I can now choose fonts other than Arial!
  2. chilled.photography

    Font List Locks Designer

    I'm seeing this problem on my Mac Pro 2013 connected to an external 4K monitor over Thunderbolt. If I start some paragraph text, drop a few words in then attempt to select the font chooser to change the font, Designer freezes. Even trying to choose a font from the Character pallette tool too, same thing, just freezes. I've done the ctrl+restart to clear out all the custom settings etc, no cigar. When is the next beta out which is fabled to fix this issue, it's driving me around the bend not being able to choose a font other than Arial!
  3. chilled.photography

    Resizing a group of objects

    Ok, ignore the complete newb question above... the control bottom right dragging back and forth does exactly what I expect! :D
  4. Ok, I've searched a bit and think I've found some partial answers but I need further clarification: Basically I have a filled polyline, three lines of text that make up a logo. If I drag a selection box (using the move tool) over the elements, I end up with the usual group selection with grips/handles on the corners and centres (as well as the rotation handle above the main selection box). If I then click and drag a corner, the selected elements move to a new position relative to the original start position. What I simply want to do, with my mind firmly stuck in CorelDRAW mode, is to resize the group based on dragging a corner out, expecting the font size of the text to increase/decrease accordingly. I've tried using the node tool and that doesn't offer the handles on the corners of the grouping box. What have I missed?
  5. chilled.photography

    Forum 'bug' *(limitation?)

    Upon signing up, the forum would not accept my .photography TLD as part of my email address, which is perfectly valid. Any chance the admins here can tweak the IPB settings to allow these top level domains?
  6. chilled.photography

    Retrieve Margins from Printer

    Doesn't. Clicking the button does nothing. Do I need to enable anything else?

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