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  1. Thank you, you two! So much to learn! Most appreciative of your time and patience, Sarah
  2. Hey There, Sorry for the delay of response. I work until about 5:00ish every day, and I am just now getting on to reply and play around with Affinity some more. I am new to all of this (editing program for digital images), so the learning curve is huge. Thank you for your patience and time. I did what both of you suggested. It seems you were correct, Carl - my image was so large that I could not see the control handles. I got down this rabbit hole by wanting to resize my images so that they were appropriate for social media posting. I watched a couple of YouTube videos on it, and I could not figure out where those blue handles were! Then I started reading threads on this Affinity forum. A couple more questions: Is my canvas supposed to be checkerboard or plain white? I have plain white, but I see checkerboard in videos. I did the unclip canvas as suggested and now have a blue line across the canvas. I can seem to get rid of that. What does that mean? This is a raw image BTW. Thanks, Sarah
  3. Hey There, I have spent the last hour and a half trying to figure out why the move tool is not working. I am trying to resize. I have read forum posts with the same issues and their responses, but nothing seems to help. I am working on a Dell Laptop (Inspiron 15 5000). My layer is not locked (see picture below) I also included my Edit/Preferences/Tools screen (see picture below) This (move tool) seems like a basic, but without getting past it not working, I am unable to do what I would like. Thank you so much! Sarah
  4. Hey There, I signed up for a free trial. My puppy just stepped on my keyboard and the editing tools on the right side of the screen are gone. I am not sure what else might be missing. I do not know what she stepped on. All I know is what I see is the picture I was working on with no way to edit it. Thanks, Sarah
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