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  1. It would be really great if we could customise our shortcuts, like if I wanted double-tap to turn into the eraser tool or maybe the brush tool. It would also be nice if we could remove our shortcuts and add buttons instead, like an undo button instead of double tapping or maybe just both at once? But that’s all I’m suggesting yet, happy New Years!
  2. I just got Affinity Photo today and within 30 minutes I noticed a few bugs that really annoys me during editing. 1. The pressure sensitivity of the Apple Pencil turns from light to hard really quickly when I draw. I tried my best to fix it but it just wouldn’t go well. Also this happens with any size of brush I use. 2. The lines are often mildly jittery when I draw, I barely get a smooth line, even when I draw with a high stabilizer, it doesn’t feel as good as it does on a laptop/desktop. 3. The double tap undo often doesn’t work so I have to go out of my document and then back again. 4. The app often crashes and it’s actually really annoying. I really hope that you will be able to fix these bugs anytime soon, ‘cause I’ve waited a lot just to digitally draw again. Again, I look forward to it. Have a great day.
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