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  1. Strange… I did a search before posting but didn't find anything relevant. I'll look again.
  2. I need to make a table where one column shows pictures i.e. a certain spare part with the information in the following columns. Somehow I seem to be unable to properly insert a picture. So far the only way seems to be to put the picture on the page outside the table, then cut it out (cmd-x), double click in the cell and insert it (cmd-v). If done, the picture will not align proberly because I don't have access position etc. in the table dialoge. And this can work with a picture or two but not with 50 pictures or 200. So – any other solutions? Thanks a lot! Herbert
  3. Dear Walt, thanks, that explains at least one problem.
  4. I noticed two errors in text handling. The first: if you select a word, use small caps (Kapitälchen) and copy – paste the word, there is an additional space added when inserting. This is strange and I almost overlooked it. The second: Due to the still missing footnotes I have to do them by hand. I have to superscript (is that the correct expression?) the numbers by hand. If there is a dash between the numbers (1-2 or 1–2) the dash is not being superscripted (sounds wrong). Have a look at the short video I made. Would be nice to fix these errors. Thanks! (And please, hurry up with the footnotes/endnotes!) Herbert Publisher errors.mov
  5. I agree that the user interface is not really well done. It is also not consistent. Using the tab-key to jump from one input frame to the next works sometimes but not always. Especially bad when using colour. If you input the colour via CMYK you really can't use the tab as it jumps to all kinds of places but not to the obvious ones. Then there are text elements. You have one tab for Zeichen (Character?) and one for typography with the ligatures etc. This would clearly be sought for in character not in a seperate window. The labeling in other languages – i.e. German – is sometimes downright confusing (or you could say: wrong?). Lists are in paragraphs not text etc. I understand the herculean task of making such a program from scratch but with the user interface you wouldn't have to start from scratch as Fnuxus pointed out. There were several well designed UI already around. While I appreciate the difficulty of translation into different languages it is sometimes hard to find things that are labelled in an unusual way. Is this the biggest problem of Publisher? NO – that would be the missing footnotes. Is it an annoying one while working? Yes, repeatedly. But, I expect it to get better over the years.
  6. It just crashed again. I can't work like this. I have to go back to 1.8 and hope that the file opens without any problem. This is really annoying. I'm quite angry at the moment.
  7. Since the upgrade to 1.9.0 Publisher is very slow, beachball occurs regularly and a decent workflow is simply not possible. Before the update it ran fine and with no performance problems. Nothing changed but the update. Is this issue already known? Will there be a fix soon? I do hope so, otherwise I would have to go back to 1.8. to finish the open projects. Thanks for the inclusion of the new features though… H.
  8. Well I equally sincerely hope it will be ready soon because I am running into more and more problems without them. The next book project will be impossible without footnotes/endnotes. Please hurry up and make an update as soon as they are ready!
  9. I had the same problem. Affinity screws the color when exporting in PDFX4 or X3. It worked as soon as I exported in PDF 1.7 As soon as I used PDF X3 or X4 the adjustments are overwritten and you get all sort of problems. Trappings don't work as well. It took me quite a bit to figure this out, my printer was not happy. I am quite annoyed by it… I should write a separate topic now that I think of it.
  10. I just had the same problem: Document in grey, text only (apart from a logo) and exported as greyscale PDFX4… according to the printer I got a PDF in 4c. This should be really easier and most of all: consistent. At the moment I have the feeling that the choices when exporting PDF don't have any effect at all.
  11. Sorry to have dropped out. It was actually a question of readability as well as typography that is considered correct in German speaking countries. It is not an issue any more. Due to a change of font, the problem solved itself. I guess the font used was badly spaced/kerned. Thanks a lot and sorry for the silence on my part.
  12. Thanks, and how do I use this in a whole book? Search and exchange? I usually find this rather… untrustworthy.
  13. Hello everyone, today I have a very special problem. I need to add a bit more flesh before punctuation marks, notably ! and ?. They should be offset a bit more from the text than they usually are. Now in a book it is a bit difficult to do everyone by hand. I was unable to find an automatic kerning for this. Is there a way? If not, it would be great to add the possibility to fix a certain kerning with a certain letter. i. e. + 30% before all ? and + 20 % before all ! Hopefully someone can help me out. Thanks a lot! H.
  14. That did it … Thank you very much! It is so good to always find help here. Thanks a lot!
  15. Hello Wizards! Again a seemingly simple question (Publisher): I put elements on a master page. In several instances in the book I need to move them slightly around. But they are fixed and can't be moved. I can't unlock them either. So – am I stuck with the position they are in for all pages? If so, that should be remedied. Master pages should not hinder you for fine adjustments later. So… is there a way? Thanks a lot! H.
  16. Rather than opening a new topic I would like to add a further request here: 1. Yes please – make the multiple linking available through resource manager (as Walt.farrell suggested) Thanks!
  17. Well… I see what I can do. Thanks a lot for your quick help. Maybe a suggestion for the wishlist for Designer. Have a good time!
  18. That is a bummer. Any way to distort text? That could be a workaround if I could warp the text. Sadly didn't find out how to do that either.
  19. My dear Affinity wizards, maybe you can help me with this… again. I know how to put text on a path. Works fine, unless I want the letters to remain upright. At the moment the text follows the path so that the letters are always perpendicular to the path. I would like them to remain vertical. I add a screenshot of the text and two examples to show what I mean. I hope somebody can help me out with this. Thanks a lot! H.
  20. Thanks for the video. I wasn't aware of this possibility. Quite cool. But I need a different section of the picture each time. So, that's not it. Thanks for pointing it out anyway… new feature I have just learned.
  21. One example is that the same image is used several times. Each time a specific part of the picture has to been shown. To be able to do this, I can either crop it in Photo several times so I have several images or use the same image and resize it to show the desired parts. Does that make sense? Unfortunatley, the parts that are to be shown are often within two percentages as the images are quite large.
  22. Ah… now that makes… well it doesn't but once you know it, one can use it that way. Thank you very much. This was really a concern because I didn't dare to reorganize the pictures.
  23. I see, so it is really just the UI. Bit weird, as many thing with Publisher. Still, I like it. Thanks a lot!
  24. Hello! I have a book with tons of pictures. If these pictures get moved, I have to relocate them via assets. If 20 pictures have moved into a new folder, I have to relocate each and every one. Publisher seems unable to realize that in the same folder are all the other pictures that were relocated. So instead of being asked if I want to reconnect them, I have to manually add each and every one. Even if the file-names didn't change. This is a bit of a nuisance. Am I doing anything wrong, is there a way to do this? Thanks a lot for your help.
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