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  1. Thanks Walt, it was these two steps that I missed! All good now. Thanks for your help. Garry
  2. Hi, I went through this before, but with Affinity updates and a new computer, I have lost my ability to have an Australian dictionary in Publisher. I have copied the en-au.aff, en-au.dic and en-au.txt files to C:\ProgramData\Affinity\Common\1.0\Dictionaries\en-AU, but can't work out what to do next to get it to work. Help please! Garry
  3. Thanks to everyone who replied. The original FAQ post makes sense now, but I needed the extra help from Pšenda, who posted the actual files I needed. These files are somewhat buried on the link provided in the FAQ post, but even so, I do appreciate Serif's work in maintaining and responding to users questions - this compares very favourably with my experiences with other software companies - and the user community here is brilliant! I can now publish with more confidence - my spelling accurately reflects my location. Cheers!
  4. Thanks for the links to the Australian dictionary in your response to my question. That was incredibly helpful! 


    1. Pšenda


      You're welcome, mainly that it helped :-)

  5. Thanks. Yes, I read this, but it doesn't make much sense to me, as when I searched the web for Hunspell Australian Dictionary, I get messages about using a package manager like aptitude or synaptic - reading about these it difficult to follow, and I don't want to install something I don't understand. Is there an easier way for computer users, as opposed to computing scientists?
  6. Hello, I have tried to follow some of the earlier posts but they just don't seem to make sense to me. I wish to add an Australian dictionary to my Affinity Publisher. Can this be done? How? Many thanks Garry
  7. Thanks Joachim for responding, Yes, and when I look at the dialogues (spread and page size) I can't see evidence that they are different, yet: on screen, they look different (see attached screen shot) When I upload the file to Blurb (it is going to be a photo book), either odd pages or either pages (I can't tell which) are scaled, causing the fonts to look different (even though they are the same)
  8. Hi there, I have a 120 page document with an odd/even spread, so have used 2 master pages. I copied master A, edited the resulting master B, and applied one to even pages and one to odd pages. But, when I look at the file, the odd and even pages are different sizes! I have cut down the file and attached it here - can anyone tell me: (1) what I have done wrong, and (2) how can this be fixed without having to re-do all the text flows! Many thanks Garry small file.afpub
  9. Thanks Old Bruce, I had done this, but the red dot was hidden in a text/graphic combo that I had grouped together. I went through element by element and ungrouped the combos and found the problem (on page 80)! Almost ready to go to print now - quite keen to see how the next step goes (I will be exporting to a PDF and then hopefully using the Blurb photobook service.) Thanks again for your help here. Garry
  10. Thanks for your advice here, AlanH. I too have used their bookwright software (many times) but want to have a little more creative control, hence this project. Garry
  11. Hi Alain, Sorry for the delay in responding. I used Blurb's specification calculator (australian site is https://au.blurb.com/make/pdf_to_book/booksize_calculator#book-attributes). The size is dependent, it seems, on the size of your book (especially for the cover). I have noted - and appreciated - the comments of others on this thread - I haven't yet reached the stage of trying to upload yet. Garry
  12. Thanks "Old Bruce"! Nice to know it wasn't something dumb I had done (other than adding single pages and not planning ahead enough!) One other quick question if I may ask you (if you don't have a quick answer, let me know and I will put it out more widely): When I go to print, I am told that "One or more text frames have overflowing text." Is there anyway of quickly finding which one(s)? Again, thanks for your response on page numbering - I have been able to fix this issue because of your comment. Cheers, Garry
  13. I have set up a master page (2 page spread) with page numbers bottom left on left pages, and bottom right on right pages (along with text and picture boxes). I have written over 100 pages, with no problems - all is as it should be at this point. I need to insert a single page part way through the document. When I do this, the placement of the page numbers is thrown out - from the insert point on, the page numbers are on the opposite side of where the master has them. To try and solve this, I tried to reapply the master to the affected pages, only to have all the text in the textboxes disappear. Next thought (after reading the online help) was to have 2 masters - one with the background, text and picture boxes, and a second master with just the page numbers. The online help calls this set up: Using multiple hierarchical master pages (Master pages can be applied to other master pages in more complex documents. For example, a 'parent' master page containing just page numbering could be applied to 'child' multiple master pages colored separately for each section. This means you only need to change the page numbering styling on the parent master page; also, as you create new pages you only need assign a child master page while inheriting page numbering automatically from its parent.) Will this solve the problem? and how do you do it? Or, is there a better way? Thanks Garry
  14. Hi @RobW42, I saw your post from June 27 where you mentioned you had set up a test project for a 7x7 softcover book in publisher with Blurb. Any comments on how that worked? Thanks
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