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  1. Hi, I basically want to export two separate images at the exact dimensions i have created so that I can use the images as slides on instagram and they will blend into eachother perfectly. I have created two squares with half of the image on one side and half of the image on the other as attached. When I try to export the image normally it includes the invisible mask in the export and you can see that the dimensions are not square in the export box. In export persona I cannot manually drag the slice tool over the desired are to the precision i need. I
  2. Hi, is it possible to make the "selection without background" in the "area" part the default when I am exporting an item? Currently I have to keep clicking area > selection without background every time I export. Even when I am exporting different items from the same document. It doesn't seem to remember the last setting and reverts to "whole document" I have attached a screenshot of the area i'm talking about.
  3. Hey, so I am trying to export a circular image without a background. However I have used a mask to create the visible image within the circle. When I try to export it - the sizing of the image is not that of a circle. It seems to be including the hidden area of the mask in the export. How do I go about fixing this? Attached some screenshots of what I mean. Thanks
  4. Oh right sorry, uploaded the project file now as well @Gabe
  5. I am also not getting the autosave to happen. When I reopen affinity after it crashed it used to show me a box asking if i wanted to open the last file or something alone those lines but now nothing appears and the project I was working on reverts back to the last manual save I made.
  6. Hi @Gabe Yep I have uploaded that now. It has also started to happen when i use the "Add" function. Really frustrating because I purchased Affinity for my business and this issue is really slowing down my work
  7. Worth noting I downloaded Affinity from their own website (not macs app store) I am using version 1.8.1 Using a macbook pro.
  8. Hi, i have had this bug on previous versions with grouping or duplicating text. It seems to be happening on various things now including objects and groups I have attached a screen recording here. During my work, I try to duplicate a screen I am working on and the whole program shuts down as soon as I press the duplicate command. Happens over and over again. Sometimes i get 3-4 duplicates without it crashing but then it will happen again. Super frustrating. At around 46 seconds on the screen recording is when i try to duplicate my selection. Screen
  9. It is still happening quite frequently. I am not sure if I did the renaming thing correctly but I have attached the copy of affinity designer old here. Is there a way that I can download it from the app store instead and try use that version? I noticed someone was reporting a similar bug here. Instead my whole application closes instead of crashing though.
  10. I just realised I posted this in the publisher bugs instead of designer bugs! Is there any way to move it? Sorry - bit of a rookie with these forums.
  11. Hi @Gabe 1. Yes I am using latest version 2. I am not sure what reproducing it means? 3. It happens on all documents, new and existing ones I have reopened. 4. Screen recording of the issue is here - I am duplicating the text in this example which causes whole program to close. It also can happen when grouping text, selecting text, typing text, aligning text etc. It happens with all fonts as well. https://imgur.com/a/poI5jqG Using mac os Catalina on a macbook pro. No unusual hardware.
  12. Hey, So I have been getting a bug over the last few days that keeps happening. It is happening very very frequently. The common theme is the text tool. When I group some items that include text, when I duplicate text or when I just use the text tool directly Affinity will close down automatically. Anyone got any help or also having this problem?
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