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About Me

Typesetter, media designer, programmer, editor, publisher, author, singer/songwriter …

Used to work at printshops and newspapers, self-employed since 2006.

Layout: Used to work with GeoWrite, QuarkXPress (2.x–4.01), PublishIt!Easy, LinoSetting, LinoPress, 3B2, InDesign (2.0–CS5.5). Nowadays working mostly with TeX (ConTeXt MkIV and LaTeX) and Affinity Publisher. Can’t handle Scribus.

Imaging: Used to work with Photoshop (3.0–CS 5.5), never got into the GIMP, now getting used to Affinity Photo. (Also using GraphicsMagick and GraphicConverter.)

Graphics: Used to work with GeoDraw, Freehand, Corel Draw, Illustrator. Nowadays working with Inkscape and Affinity Designer.

PDF editing: Previously Acrobat Pro (2?–9), Asura/Solvero; now PDF Studio, Affinity Designer, GhostScript.

Musical typesetting: Previously Harmony Assistant, since 2005 GNU LilyPond.

Cartography: OpenStreetMap, JOSM, Maperitive and Inkscape.

Programming: Used to work with Turbo Pascal (2.0–4.0), BASIC (several), PHP (3–4), Perl (incl. Tk), PostScript, VB.NET, Delphi, JavaScript (PDF, jQuery, Vue.js...), Python (incl. twisted, dabo), XSL. Still working with Python (incl. Django), Lua (in LuaTeX) and Shell. Never got into C or Java. Don’t like Ruby. Too stupid for Lisp or Haskell.

OS: Working on PureOS, Ubuntu, macOS (System 7–Mojave). Experience in other Linuces, CP/M, DOS, PC/Geos, Windows (2.0–10).

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