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  1. Thank you everyone for posting. I have lost major work as well over the years using about every program, whether CorelDraw, Vegas Pro (video editing), Microsoft Publisher, etc. and have learned to save in multiple places, and I should have saved this file as well, but got deep into it and the thought didn't even cross my mind. I recently acquired a 2013 13" MacBook Pro (from my daughter since she's out of college now) and bought all of the Affinity apps for that as well, so maybe I need to use that instead. I just happen to like the Surface Pro for it's portability. Actually I am excited for Publisher to be on the iPad as I LOVE working on my iPad Pro. As it is now, I have finished the project, saving in two locations as I went. What a pain that is. Incremental backups would be great, even if simply for the current file you're working on and it would rotate through a certain number of files, overwriting or deleting the oldest files first. So if you did get a corruption, you would be only 300 seconds or 5 minutes away from a non-corrupt file. Then once you are finished, save that file (or group of files) in two spots or over a NAS with redundancy.
  2. I am new to Affinity Publisher, but I've worked with several publishing programs over the years (CorelDraw, Microsoft Publisher, InDesign). Last week and over the weekend I was working on a 20 page catalog for a client. I was down to my last two pages to finish, saved the file, but left the file open and my computer on and went to bed. I get back to it Monday morning, and the computer is unresponsive. I shut it down and restart everything. When I tried to open the Publisher file, I got an error message that the file was corrupt. I made a copy of the file early in the design on a second hard drive, but wasn't working with that file. I was working on a local file. I opened the original file (basically a blank file) but hours of work were gone. After searching this forum, I read that a backup file is created. I located that file, renamed it with the .afpub extension, and it opened only to reveal that it was the original blank file I had just opened. Is there a way to tell Publisher to create incremental backup files in case a corruption happens to the the file you are working on? I understand the one backup file, but I would like 3 or 4 versions just in case of a corruption. At least I wouldn't have lost tens of hours of design work. My PC is a Surface Pro 6, i5, 8GB Ram, 256SSD.
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