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  1. Haha thanks. I figured with painted minis I wanted to try some large scale maps to go with them. Affinity Designer is perfect for that, and I've not really tried the pixel brushes within the curves feature yet, which will take it another step.
  2. Finally tested it on a Cann PRO-4000S at A0. Printed out perfectly! So it is an artefact of the A3 colour lasers I was using to test it on earlier. Thank you for your help.
  3. Working on the next floor (of the map) I tried constructing it by having all the shade areas 100% black, and then putting the overall layer opacity at 8%. Previously the layer was 100% and each curve had its own custom opacity. The unwanted emboss-like effect is still showing up, but it's less obvious. So that's an improvement, although it's also interesting that the bug replicates at all - its a new drawing with new assets.
  4. Thanks again for looking at it. I'll try it on a higher end printer in a local print shop and see how their drivers handle it... it certainly does seem like it could be a printer / driver issue. I'll also try the flatten preset and see how it goes. As long as I can distribute the file itself vector but also with some instructions for the receiver(s) to get the right print results it'll be fine. I'll also look at how I can potentially adapt the file to reduce the likelyhood of this kind of issue. I'll post here if it discover anything more. No need to take the images down - they might proove useful to others.
  5. Thanks for the prompt feedback, I'll give temporarily rasterising the layer a try! Do you happen to know how this will work with an exported pdf, if at all? The file is a gaming map that i want to share in pdf format, so others can use it. Meaning I won't be able to remotely manage their print settings, it'll be up to them. The target print output is A0, so rasterising elements is suboptimal from a file size and quality point of view. Out of curiosity, what were the boxes you noticed between objects? Do you know if i can replicate those, or what to look out for? Is there anything I can do to the file to minimise these kind of print artefacts? I confess I've just focussed on drawing it, not how it will print, so far. Thanks for passing this to the devs too.
  6. Sure thing. The shared file is called Korvosoa keep_1st Floor. Shared it to your dropbox. The issue is happening with all the shapes on the layer called 'Floor shader'. thanks!
  7. Hello, new to Affinity Designer here. I'm very happy with the software so far. I have however encountered what appears to be a bug. Unwanted lines are appearing in a very specific way. The lines are not present on screen, but when printing out I'm getting a fine white highlight on the top edges and a dark line along the bottom edges. The layer that is doing this is a simple black fill with the layer opacity set to 8%. Does anyone have any ideas how to prevent this? Thanks.
  8. I'd like to congratulate the developers. I work in the design industry: my first design software included Illustrator '88, Photoshop version 2 (pre-layers!), and Aldus Illustrator (became Macromedia, became Adobe, then died). I've used a lot of design software. With Affinity I think you've bested the ancient Adobe apps with price, performance, features and usability, and produced world class software. And I'm in love with Pixel Persona in Designer. Keep up the great work, thank you for letting me escape the 'Creative Cloud'.
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