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  1. Honestly, I don’t even think the devs read these forums. People have been complaining about not having this function for years and no one seems to give a crap. It’s very disappointing. Affinity, in many ways, works better for me than Illustrator, but in other ways, it’s just too unwieldy for an efficient tool.
  2. I see! Yes, it does work, but only because you’re creating two new ‘shapes’ by adding new node points on top of the last node from the shape you drew. So that when you change colour, the last new node you created is changing colour because it’s still selected. You’re basically adding two new nodes but they don’t appear on screen because you need more than one node connecting to it to make a coloured area. Working that way will only litter your drawing with orphaned nodes. Expand your layers and you’ll probably see them
  3. Is there any easier way to make a uniformly tapered vector brush stroke without having to select it afterwards and modify the profile? I’ll make a brush stroke but it never tapers to a fine point on any of the controller modes and the profile of each brush stroke is a mess. I just want to be able to set a tapered brush profile and then know that each stroke I make will be the same. The only way that I can see is to make the brush strokes first, then select them, reset the brush profile and set it the way I need it. Seems like Affinity always forces you make a mark first and then fix it up
  4. Nvm. I figured it out. In the bottom right corner there’s three icons: X, magnet, garbage. Tapping the X deselects what you just drew so you can select a new colour and draw.
  5. Hey thanks for replying! What will that do? I just tried it and nothing happened except the addition of two more nodes right on top of the node I double tapped.
  6. Hi So one annoying thing I can’t seem to work out is selecting a new colour for the pencil tool without changing the colour of the shape I just drew. I’m having to draw the new shape the same colour and then change it and I can’t see where I’m drawing. Is there a way to auto deselect a shape and then pick a new colour to draw the next shape? Or some other work around? I have a massive deadline with loads of illustration to do and it’s taking up valuable time.
  7. Hi there, I’m not sure why, but Affinity randomly changes the selected tool after a couple of seconds when nothing is touching the screen. Very annoying. Is this a bug to be fixed?
  8. Please yes! If I draw shapes in Affinity, Illustrator won’t recognise them as clipping paths unless they are closed paths. Even if there is just the option of double tapping to close path that would be awesome!
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