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  1. Im trying to create a shoelace looking. Can anyone help me please?
  2. I seen that but I honestly cant find the color settings for my L1800
  3. I don't understand how to change the icc profile. Can you give me insight please?
  4. perfect example is like my computer will show a deep gold but it'll print yellow
  5. Ok so I'm in between two programs (GIMP and AFFINITY). Gimp is best when wanting to get the correct color out of my printer but Affinity offers an easier platform to design with. I am using the program for DTG printing and I was wondering if anyone can lend me some advice so that I don't have to use gimp and continue to use my beloved Affinity designer. My printer is a CMYK Epson L1800
  6. understood I printed it both ways and the print keeps coming out brighter. my gold is yellow
  7. 1.) I'm was using RGB then I changed it to CMYK 2.) IDK 3.)included 4.)Epson l1800 vday3.afdesign
  8. I keep exporting but its printing the wrong color can someone anyone simple my problem please.
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