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  1. @GarryP I meant I knew by zooming in I was showing the problem in an "exaggerated" way, but I can see the quality loss at 100 % and on the export, and that's the problem... I get the problem with any file, any resolution, and on two different computers so I can't figure out what to do... I'm simply not able to make a square and keep it as neat as yours after rotating. So for example if I'm drawing a character's outlines, and realize half-way I made it not standing straight enough, I'll want to rotate it... not only the existing lines will get blurred, but when I go on with the rest of his body, I'll get these jagged edges on my brush (or any drawing tool) like in my OP. The only thing I can do then is redrawing everything on a new layer I'll never rotate... Hi @Dazzler, Well you seem to be indeed doing the same steps but don't get the same results... I don't know if it gives me hope or confuses me even more ^^" I'm already familiar with vector illustrations, doing it on a daily basis for work, but Designer wouln't be appropriate for the kind of drawing I talking about. Here I really wanted to replace Photoshop with Photo.
  2. Unfortunately, I can't see much difference... but I'll keep in mind your advice about these settings. (I forgot to mention, obviously my screens are taken while zooming in, but the problem also appear on the jpg or png export). Also I tried playing with the pixel alignment settings, but no difference either... Do you yourself get this loss of quality when trying to rotate anything like a simple square ? You can even see how the arrow I drew after is quite ugly...
  3. Hi Garry, Here's my "Performance" panel. About the exact sequence, well it's quite simple : - I'm in the middle of drawing something, and I need to change the angle of some part of my drawing - I make sure the active layer is the one I need to rotate - I click on the move tool, the blue frame appears around the element(s) of the layer - I get my cursor near a corner of the frame so the rotate icon appears, I rotate to the angle I need (may it be 10 ° or a lot more..), I confirm. - From now on, what already was on the rotated layer get very "jagged" edges (sorry I'm not sure about the meaning in English but I think that's the appropriate word), and whatever I would add on it get this problem as well. I mean even if I draw a straight, horizontal or vertical line (see my example above), it gets these weird jagged edges. If I merge another layer with this one, everything's altered. If I make a rectangular selection and start colouring inside it, until I fill it, the same thing will appear : jagged edges right outside the selection edges... I really don't get it. Thanks for trying to help.
  4. Hi, I couldn't find an existing topic about this problem that is really bothering me... I'm trying to draw on Photo, did a few illustrations for now and I often need to adjust, resize, rotate some elements as I'm used to with the Photoshop's transform tool. But rotating something is a really big problem here ! Any rotated layer kind of loses quality forever. Not only the existing drawing on it is altered, but also any stroke that I would draw then. It also applies if I merge this layer with another one : the non-rotated one will loose all his "smoothness" too. Here's a quick demonstration of the problem. I really hope it's something I can fix, or I won't be able to continue on Photo... Thanks for your help ! 🙇‍♀️
  5. Hi there, I just finished my first illustration on Affinity Photo, and I can finally think I've found a good alternative to Adobe's softwares Especially one where I can recreate some of my long term habits from Adobe and remain efficient. The only problem I encounter is that I'm really, really used to control the size of my tools with the 2 and 3 key on the top left of the pad (so, rather the é and "). I find it to be the most comfortable for me as my left hand is always around there on the keypad while I'm drawing (oh look, there's also the ctrl and z keys nearby ). Well, so, it was quite disturbing that these num keys, by default, control the tool opacity and you can't change it at all. For now I've combined them with "alt" to control the brush/eraser size but (when I don't forget to press alt) it sometimes creates a conflict with the color picker shortcut (and I'm also used to constantly pick colors with alt). I don't know if I'm the only one wo needs to customize these keys but it would be really great if we could. Thank you and keep up the good work Serif !
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