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  1. Hi, I'm experiencing a serious issue with Affinity Designer. Everything worked fine and suddenly, the font sizes when creating a new text with the Art Text Tool give me completely incoherent font sizes. I was in 72 dpi, but it switched to 144 dpi by itself. If I press "OK" in Document Setup, it doubles the dpi every time. I tried to set the DPI to 36, it did changed to 72 dpi when I pressed OK, but font sizes of newly created fonts are still wrong. Note that the font sizes of previously created texts are correct. This issue occurs with Retina documents. I changed settings to set the size of the document to @2x and unchecked "Retina", but it didn't fix the issue. Please help. I've work to get done and I'm blocked by this issue.
  2. Hi, It would be great to have a background blur effect, like in Sketch. It's very useful for iOS design. Thanks.
  3. If I hadn't read this thread, I'd never had known there was such a feature. It's great to be able to adjust the noise level by color but it's pretty well hidden.
  4. Hi MEB, No, resetting the settings didn't help. So maybe it's indeed an issue with Yosemite GM. Thanks.
  5. Hi Andy, Have you been able to reproduce this issue ? Please let me know if you need more information. Thanks, Romain
  6. Hi, Here are some features I'd love to see in Affinity Designer: advanced stroke edition:​dash (none, single, double, triple) custom dash tips and tip spacing, variation line tool (I prefer it to the pen tool for drawing a single line) non-destructive filters:noise bevel and emboss symbols object library for built-in and custom objects. built-in object libraries:iPhone/iPad mockups, wireframe iOS, OS X, Windows' UI controls Web UI and ads Common shapes / objects ... more styles: wood, chrome, paper, plastic, ... "copy and transform": a tool to take any vector/layer and copy it a given number of iterations while applying the given transformations (translation, scale, rotation) batch commands and custom scripts Thanks.
  7. Hi pi_mai, I think @3x should work the same way than current retina (@2x) support in Affinity Designer. For @1.5x and @0.3, I think they are never used in the same context than @2x or @3x. Indeed, they don't produce integer dimensions. For instance, let's say you have a 15 x 13 image. You'll get: @1x = 15 x 13 (integer dimensions) @2x = 30 x 26 (integer dimensions) @3x = 45 x 39 (integer dimensions) @1.5x = 22.5 * 19.5 (float dimensions) @0.3x = 4.5 * 3.9 (float dimensions) Instead, it would be a nice feature to have a special feature for icon design, using the following standard dimensions: 8x8 16x16 32x32 64x64 128x128 256x256 512x512 1024x1024 2048x2048 Romain
  8. Hi Andy, I don't know how Affinity Designer works under the hood, but wouldn't it be easier to use @1x as the "baseline" ? This way, both @2x and @3x use integer multiples. Also, although @3x = 1.5 x @2x, the final dimensions are always integers (@3x = 1.5 x @2x = 1 x @2x + 1 x @1x). The issue with not using @1x as the baseline (e.g. @2x or @3x) is that sooner or later (if that's not already the case), higher pixel densities will become popular, like @4x.
  9. In fullscreen mode, the light top window's bar is partly visible. It's a bit disturbing, as the app UI is dark. Hope you can fix this small issue. Thanks. I'm using OS X Yosemite GM Candidate.
  10. When opening the opacity panel to change a layer or effect opacity, the panel doesn't display correctly: When I change the slider value with the mouse cursor, the panel's background changes: I'm using OS X Yosemite GM Candidate.
  11. Hello, First, I want to say I love Affinity Designer. I hope to see Retina HD (@3x) support soon, that would be a really great time-saver. Also, it would be great if you could add page presets for the iPhone 4, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Thanks. Keep up the good work.
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