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  1. Today I received the Designer Workbook. Oddly enough not the Photo Workbook, which I ordered together. 
    It was delivered by DPD in an Amazon envelope, without any protection (but the book is fine). 

    UPDATE: while posting this message, I received another email from Affinity, telling that my order has been dispatched. In both dispatch confirmations both books are mentioned though.

    UPDATE II: Affinity replied to my mail and confirmed that the delivery was spread over two packages.  

  2. Hi Affinities,

    here’s another Black Friday convert. Affinity Photo was in my toolkit for a couple of years, to replace some simple PS stuff. My preferred digital darkroom is DXO Photolab though. 

    This year I made a career change and as a result I have to write quite some reports. To make them look good, I thought to give Publisher a spin. And while checking the interface, I noticed that it connects Photo and Designer seamlessly. At that moment I decided to take the jump and get Designer as well, and also both books.

    Eagerly waiting for those books to arrive, which was the incentive to subscribe to these forums. I’m looking forward to learn all about the Affinity trinity and in case i need some help or advice, I won’t hesitate to ask here at the forums. 



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