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  1. Hi Sean, Thank you for your prompt reply. That's my issue exactly. I had not made the connection to the artboard being outside the viewport. Glad to hear it's being worked on.
  2. Selecting text will sometimes (but not always) not highlight the selected part. See the video. macOS 10.14.6, AD 1.9.1 Affinity_Text_Render_Bug.mp4
  3. That did it. After moving one of the linked Pdfs I can at least open it again. Choosing to relink the source crashes the beta, but in 1.9.0 it appears to work. Unfortunately this has reset the individual settings of each instance of the link. (Artboard is back to "Document" instead of a particular page, scale is reset, etc.) But yeah at least it opens again.
  4. @Dan C Hi Dan, thank you for looking into this 🙂 Unfortunately, I can't open your file, either. AD 1.9.0 will sit there "Loading Document" until the OS kills it at about 25GB RAM, 1.9.1 beta will open it, but freeze as soon as I pan, zoom, or try to save the file. Could I ask you the favour to export the file extents as a single large pdf or svg and share it with me? I found that my last backup does not inlude the latest work 😔
  5. To add this, I am experiencing the same issue with Affinity Designer 1.9.0. The file was created with 1.8.6 (?) and had been opened and edited with 1.9.0. It also uses linked files. Publisher won't open it, either. The Designer beta *will* open it, but still continue to gobble up all memory regardless, until the system tells me to force quit the app. I tried to get the beta to save the file under a new name, but it will sit there showing a frozen progress bar. I took the liberty to also upload the file ("Lifecycles"). 1. Which Operating System are you using? macOS 10.14.6 2. Which version of Affinity did the file last get saved in? 1.9.0 3. What drive type was the file last saved to?Local disk, APFS This is quite a predicament. Going through my backups now to see when the file broke… 😓 Please let me know if there is a way to fix it.
  6. Thank you @Old Bruce and @MEB! That did the trick! It had not occurred to try this. The geometry was exported as an SVG from Rhino, but I probably messed the file up myself. As I mentioned above, I am still learning AD…
  7. I was able to fix the upload, it should work now. From what I can tell, stroke and pressure are consistent between lines that show and those that don't. Hi MEB, thank you. I just uploaded the files.
  8. Not all lines show in my artwork, even though (afaik) they all share the same colour, stroke, transparency, etc. They are selectable though, and show up in outline mode. This persists through reboots, the version is 1.8.3. Image uploads fail for some reason, but I included the file in question. I am a novice with with AD, what am I missing? Side View.afdesign
  9. MacOS uses different German translations compared to Windows. Please consider adopting platform standards to make the apps feel more at home on each platform. This applies to all three apps. Affinity Designer / Photo / Publisher "Info…" should be "Über Affinity Designer / Photo / Publisher" "Datei" (File) should be "Ablage" "Speichern" (Save) → "Sichern" "Speichern unter" → "Sichern unter" Bearbeiten (Edit) "Einfügen" (Paste) → "Einsetzen" "Innerhalb einfügen" (Paste within?)→ "Innerhalb einsetzen" (My translation, there is no convention yet as far as I know.) "Ohne Format einfügen" (Paste and match style?) → "Einsetzen und Stil anpassen" "Ansicht" (View) should be "Darstellung" "Ansichtsmodus" → "Darstellungsmodus" "Neue Ansicht" and "Ansichten…" are correct in my opinion. These are the most prominent ones, there might be more.
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