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  1. Perfect - thanks! Seems odd that a raster image would not be pasted in as a pixel layer by default.
  2. I loved the colours of buttons and contents in v1 but find the grey tones for everything in v2 not nearly as nice. Is it just me? Easy fix to have v2 look just like v1?
  3. When I paste a photo into Photo, and then highlight some region of it, I am often trying to quickly highlight and delete background, or highlight and delete the subject (so I can paste it somewhere else). Sometimes it has worked, othertimes I delete and the entire image disappears. Why does the entire image disappear instead of just the selection? I'm sure it's something obvious...
  4. Might DXF export be a feature possible to include? Holding my breath.
  5. Thanks to both of you for your replies! I'm glad I was not missing something obvious and am confident that I can make either of these methods work. I'm very thankful and relieved. Much appreciated. Josh
  6. Hello all, Tried all morning to draw a circle, then a mountain shape inside. My plan was to connect the mountain line to the circle on either side, then shade the mountain itself inside the circle. I don't even know the best way to do this... Add shapes? Join paths at nodes? I've tried both options for hours and end up with the mountain line disappearing altogether or the join shape option greyed out. I keep going in circles. I've watched tutorial videos but the circle doesn't have easily joined end nodes as shown in most of these. Might someone be willing to help me? I'm at wits' end... Attached is a screenshot of the page I'm working on (with internet version I'm trying to replicate below) and also attached is the affinity file itself. I'd be very grateful for any advice. Josh Mountain.afdesign
  7. "Select Same" implemented in the Affinity Designer 1.9.0 update! (thank you Serif)
  8. Fantastic! Even the first simple version will be a gamechanger. Thanks for the update!
  9. Oh, holy smokes - didn't realize. Might be good news! @MattP Feel free to share details here that you think helpful for the over-the-top curious folks who think about this more than is healthy. Cautiously optimistic...
  10. I think the point was that it would be difficult to work with such a complex file using Affinity Designer because select same functionality is missing.
  11. "Five years of intensive refinement since launch have been dedicated to our unwavering vision of a powerful, super-smooth app which improves your workflow and allows your creativity to shine." "The engine behind Affinity Designer is built to handle huge documents so you can be confident in adding all those tiny details without any compromise to performance." https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/designer/ Every day I wish I could use Affinity Designer for its intended purpose - my design workflow cannot happen without select same functionality. I can add tiny details but there are always too many to select one by one. I would like to see redundant requests (and likes) continue until this thread is no longer needed.
  12. Very concerning to me that the bug fix and feature request issues I've stumbled on after a few days of testing Affinity Designer have been known issues for years. As tests of customer service and product quality, this is completely unacceptable. Affinity Designer is a good product and oh-so-close to being excellent.
  13. You are correct MEB - I seem to have discovered the known bug that allows me to select items on the canvas from a locked layer. Looking forward to the bug fix - thanks. Any chance you could add "Select same..." functionality at the same time? With these two issues resolved, I would sing a song of praise to Affinity Designer. Shall I begin writing lyrics?
  14. Oddly enough, as I was moving layers around, occasionally a layer gets "stuck" (can't select or move) until I toggle the lock/unlock setting or rearrange the order of layers. Perhaps it's a software glitch but it's an annoying one that suddenly makes me hopeful that the functionality exists if I were smart enough to figure out how to make it work. So bizarre that Affinity Designer looks so good but has some really weird feature omissions. Another obvious/essential feature is "Select same..." - missing even though seemingly easy to implement. And yes, I know that the Select same issue has been raised and discussed to death over the past few years. I'm often asked if I recommend Affinity Designer. I wish that my response could be as enthusiastic as I'd like it to be... frustrating.
  15. Discovered today that locking a layer in Affinity Designer still allows its contents to be selected and deleted, which is exactly what I wanted to prevent by locking the layer. Is there another way to prevent selection or modification to a layer's components?
  16. Had to open Inkscape (it's free darn it all) to select same this evening. This is ridiculous. Do something Affinity folks. No excuses. Josh
  17. Hello Dan C - any news on when this functionality may be available? As a new user, I am very excited about Affinity Designer but this one issue is a dealbreaker for me. I'm holding my breath... although not as long as those who have been asking since 2014. Fingers crossed.
  18. Thanks robinp - at this point it might be appropriate for Affinity folks to "feed expectations" with some specifics given the circumstances.
  19. @k2creative Yes - agreed! Over the weekend I wanted to update a 2014 Illustrator project. Took me 5 minutes to run into this absent functionality with Designer and realize that the task would take hours for something that should take seconds. With a shrug, I gave up. Affinity Designer folks - might you be willing to leave a comment in this thread letting us know that our concerns are heard and that this feature is planned for 2020? Pretty please?
  20. Thanks Patrick. Yes, of course, I was implying my purpose. Just adding my voice to the many requests for this feature given that it is a deal breaker for some.
  21. Did you read this? "I'm completely stuck without 'select same' functionality..." In other words, the purpose of this software is defeated by its lack of specific functionality. How can you argue with this? I can't use the software for its intended purpose. That's really bad.
  22. Switched to Affinity Designer after a decade of Illustrator and it took me less than an hour before my troubleshooting search found this thread. I'm completely stuck without "select same" functionality... will ask for a refund given how unresponsive Serif seems to be for such a critical feature request. Pop! (this is the sound of my initial enthusiasm for Affinity Designer disappearing)
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