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  1. I use the iPhone camera only since the lens are better than the original iPad Pro I have. You would need an Adobe ID, not a CC account, which is free similar to Behance. To move files to the desktop from the iOS app, all you need to do is use AirDrop to export the SVG directly from the app and it's much faster than using Dropbox as the 'go around' ( although it's an option ). You could optionally save the files on the Creative Cloud account but I don't do it exclusively as I'm now on the Photoshop plan for $10 a month for 20 GB storage until I acquire Affinity Photo or such to completely close out the CC subscription since I already have Designer and Publisher. You can also save the files from Adobe Capture in Files or as a photo image. Again, you're not required to save the files in the Adobe Library or Cloud storage. I use the free CC account since I have no intention of storing files on their cloud but only export or save on my devices and desktop. It's the same as I would treat my iTunes music library to keep it 'in house' rather than saved on the cloud which I don't trust.
  2. Well, I use iPad Pro for most of the drawing but sometimes I use the desktop with the Wacom tablet. However, I prefer the iMac because the 21 inch screen with 4K is easier on my eyes when I do vector work, especially with astigmatism and using the trackball mouse which makes it more efficient than the mouse, cutting down on RSI. The same goes with Affinity Publisher which I like and is close to my experience with InDesign. I also have Designer on my iPad as well but only if I have to use it 'on the go' and away from my studio. But that link to the vector app you showed me is interesting! I'm gonna go check it out.
  3. I totally understand where you're coming from. I had Illustrator and used auto trace when necessary which was super helpful especially when doing t-shirt art time to time or cleanly scale up an image. I used to go with Dropbox back then to shift files back and forth. When I got this new 4K iMac with Airdrop, everything became more seamless. I could draw an image in black and white on Procreate or similar, then create vector shapes on them via Adobe Capture and export straight to the desktop on Designer. I haven't tried exporting color shapes yet but will experiment. In extreme cases, I would move an image I needed 'tracing' from the desktop such as a bitmap file to Adobe Capture on my iPad and then Airdrop back out; or I could use Vectorizer if need be. For now, it works for me unless Serif finds a seamless process to do it within the app.
  4. Agreed, however I've been learning my way around Designer and Publisher ever since I got them last month and think they have done the job well for my case scenario. However, there is a way to do an auto trace using Vectorizer or similar that others have mentioned. But I also found another workaround using Adobe Capture which you can use on iOS ( iPhone or iPad ) and then airdrop it as an SVG export. You can see the process I worked out at this thread I created: Hopefully this can be helpful and one day, Serif might be able to solve the problem that we all don't have to use external applications for the work arounds anymore by then.
  5. I'm aware there is a thread that has users requesting Auto Trace feature similar to Adobe Illustrator and some have suggested the Vectorization online web app as a work around. BUT, I have also discovered another method that using Adobe Capture on iPhone or iPad will do the trick. I did an experiment and used the 'shape' tool to capture a black and white image from a book and it converted it to SVG. From there I used AirDrop ( or you can use Dropbox or such ) to transfer it to the iMac that I have. So I tried another method and used an illustration I did as fan art on Procreate in black and white. I imported it from Camera Roll, then captured it as SVG and then Airdropped it to my iMac to be opened on Affinity Designer. And lo and behold! It has paths! This is one good alternative to Vectorizer but if you have Adobe Capture, you can export it out to any device or PC after saving it to the Library instead of straight to Illustrator or Photoshop. So to fellow Affinity designers, this is a great trick I discovered so give it a try! However, I still hope Serif can implement auto trace someday in the future without having to go through hoops. I'm attaching photos as proof.
  6. Hello, I just recently acquired Designer and am about to get Publisher soon, but wanted to convey that auto trace or some form of improved trace tool on Designer would be a nice thing and super helpful. I've used Illustrator for years and love it but am looking to wean off it away from the subscription model. Serif is doing a great job with the apps especially the iPad Pro version of Designer which I also have.
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