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  1. Hi carl123 and Calum Thank you for your helpful suggestions. I checked the Decorations tab and found that the default was a line across the top of the text frame. I unchecked this. Problem solved.
  2. I have looked and looked but cannot sort out why I am getting a line across the top of the first line of text in each text frame. It is like an underline, but on top of the text, just touching the tops of the letters. I can get around it by copying and pasting from text in a text box I used a week ago but any typing directly into a new text frame results in this line. Please help me to get rid of this annoying line.
  3. Thank you. Dan C has allowed me to get my monitor to display white as white. h_d has shown me how to create white. All problems solved... until the next one!
  4. Thank you for your response. I have now noticed that when I print, the yellow on images and objects come out as white. Also, when I export as pdf the yellow is displayed as white. However, I still cannot work out how to find white for text. I am using Windows 10.
  5. I am new to Affinity Publisher. I need to place white text on coloured images and objects but, nowhere in the colour selections can I find white. I have tried the colour picker but even when I sample a white page, the colour picker colour shows as light yellow. Also, if I copy and paste an image which contains white, the white changes to light yellow. Please advise.
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