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  1. Soooo I guess this still hasn't been resolved yet? I'm on latest RTM build of Windows 11 and still can't enable hardware acceleration on my RX5600.
  2. I do have the same problem with integrated Intel GPU and some variant of Core i5 at work too. It's not limited to Ryzen/AMD (which I use as well on my own PC). Unchecking the hardware acceleration fixes it.
  3. The performance is really really bad with OpenCL enabled, it also happens on my computers with Intel/NVIDIA at work. Here's my benchmark screenshot with OpenCL disabled and enabled from my home PC. Specs: Ryzen 3700X Radeon RX 5600XT 32GB RAM NVME SSD all drivers from AMD (chipset, GPU) and Windows 10 x64 (19042.789) up to date I can see in task manager that the GPU is not used at all (never jumps above 1% of usage) during the benchmark process (with or without OpenCL acceleration). With enabled (horrible performance, UI hangs all the time):
  4. OK then, I guess we will see when the time comes. I don't like the fact that I can't change my e-mail on the Serif purchase and had no idea I wouldn't be able to before purchasing. As for the standalone versions they should have some sort of updater included because it's a pain to update those programs one by one. Windows Store version is just more convenient I guess but I do have my copies of all Affinity programs on my Serif account.
  5. I guess the subject says it all. Right now if we get an upgrade it's free because it still hasn't reached 2.0. What happens if we purchase the programs in Windows 10 Store and the update from 1.x to 2.x goes live? Just a question. Because I'm thinking of rebuying the software on Windows 10 Store (for automatic updates).
  6. freepik and flaticon files (AI, EPS, PSD, PDF) work fine most of the time
  7. awesome thanks, will pay for future updates for sure, keep it up
  8. ok that makes sense, still some sort of update manager for standalone clients would be great, I'm not saying like Adobe CC has but something lightweight
  9. Windows, bought directly from Affinity, didn't want to tie my software to MS Store etc. because I have no idea how the update to 2.x version will go through that.
  10. Hi, are there any plans for applying updates automatically? Some sort of update manager etc.? It's kind of annoying to update every single program by hand.
  11. Yeah that's time consuming to make it right, how about fading out between two layers? How can I do that? Here's how it works in Photoshop, just with one easy move: https://imgur.com/aJ0Gl7h
  12. Is there any other alternative method on how to erase backgrounds like that in Affinity Photo? @MEB
  13. Ohh that's a shame. For now I just brused that part over with the same tone of blue and it looks OK but during the export it actually does not: In software: After JPG export 96% quality:
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