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  1. Me ocurre exactamente lo mismo. Yo compré ayer desde España, para aprovechar la oferta de Black Friday, pero nada. Un montón de gente tiene el mismo problema, pero desde Affinity no dan ninguna respuesta :-( He comprado Photo y el Workbook de Desginer, pero me temo que no me llegará para navidades
  2. Hay mucha gente afectada. Yo entre ellos. The problem is that we made the purchase trying to get advantage of the Black Friday offers, but with this problem, we'll probably loose this. The problem is obviusly on Serif's side, 'cos there are so many people reporting the same issue, but no answer from them yet. I purchased Affinity Photo and Designer Workbook... and wanted them for Xmas
  3. It happened the same to me yesterday. I tried to purchase Affinity Photo and Designer Workbook. After I introduced my card details, the web said there was an error, so the transaction was not completed. Nonetheless, the money was deducted from my bank account. I sent an email yesterday morning, but still no answer. So now I have no money and no product. I contacted my bank, but for them there was no problem during the transaction... So, what do we have to do now? There are so many people affected by this "error"
  4. It happened exactly the same to me this morning. I tried to purchase Photo and Designer Workbook, but it seemed that the payment failed. Nonetheless the money has been deducted from my bank account.

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