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  1. This creates a new style, though. I want the existing style to be edited.
  2. While it’s nice to be able to create shared styles (like stroke width), how do I edit ones that are created?
  3. So, what’s the different between Smooth & Smart curves? I’ve played around and can’t figure it out.
  4. Being able to extend paths based on the same curvature would be a-mazing. (Something like Astute Graphic’s Vector Scribe > Path Extend Tool here: http://astutegraphics.com/software/vectorscribe/)
  5. I’ll cast my vote for this, too. Current pen tools do feel like they’re from 1987. Is (something like) this on the roadmap?
  6. Thanks everyone! This answers my question. I’m glad to hear this feature’s on the roadmap.
  7. Of course I’ve zoomed in extremely close, but the result is imprecise. I want the node to be exactly at the intersection. This is a fairly common behavior when creating illustrations.
  8. That’s what I’m going for. And I’m not sure zooming in more will make it more clear.
  9. My intention is to add one node to the curve that’s selected, and to add it precisely at the intersection. Is that more clear?
  10. I was to do something that I assume is straightforward—create a new node precisely at the intersection of the two curves (see screenshot). I can’t figure out how to achieve this, is it possible?
  11. Jens Krebs, where is that Text menu? I can’t find it anywhere.
  12. Oh, that’s a nice workaround. Thanks Alex. I’ll use that while I wait for the devs to make snapping even more awesome. :)
  13. Greetings, I am having trouble snapping shapes to a curve. Is this possible? (In my screenshot, I am attempting to snap the rotated rectangle to the curve it’s close to, but can’t.)
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