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  1. Hi. Can anyone explain why my in-camera Nikon Picture Control settings get dumped by Affinity Photo on import? What I mean is, the RAW file out of camera "looks" perfect, but when I bring it into AP, it changes the photo to some other "picture control". In other words, when I import lets say 4 photos of the same exact subject but in 4 different picture controls (for instance, Vivid, Standard, Flat....), when I look at them in AP, they all look identical. So...is there a way to import them WITH the Picture Control preserved? Thanks!! Adam
  2. Thank you!! After playing around more with Cyberlink Photo Director, I found a half ass way to work around its deficiencies and still get the sorting operation done AND preserve the NEF file. So, I'll stick with Photo Director until Affinity Photo come up with their own image browser and selection tool.....I hope!!
  3. Hi all, quick question.... I really miss not having Lightroom's photo browsing and ranking feature to help sort through my photos. So, I use CyberLink Photo Director for that. All I really want to do is separate the 3- 4- and 5-star photos from the rest, move those all into a separate editing folder and then use AP to go at it. Problem is, when I export those photos to a new folder, my only choices are: JPEG, TIFF and PNG. My original file format out of the Nikon is a .NEF RAW file. Of those choices, which should I choose to then bring into AF for RAW editing? I know its not JPEG, so TIFF or PNG OR.....don't do it because none of these are good options....that's a choice too. Thanks!! Adam
  4. Actually, here are the exact numbers for the 28-300mm lens. FX and Film at infinity FX and Film at 3m (10') FX and Film at 0.9m (3') 28mm +5.5* +8.0* 35mm -1.0* -1.5 50mm -4.25 -2.5 70mm -4.5 -3.0 105mm -4.0 -2.5 210mm** -3.0 -2.0 300mm -4.0 -3.0 -2.0
  5. Hi. I was able to find the automated lens filter correction which works great for my digital camera and lens. BUT, what I now need to to learn how to correct lens distortion manually. Can you do that? Here's my problem....I'm shooting on a Nikon F100 (film) and using a lens that has a lot of distortion (28-300mm and others). Then, after I develop the film I "DSLR scan" the negatives using a 55mm macro lens. Works great! BUT, I cannot correct for the lens distortion using the automated filter. I do however, have the distortion correction values from Ken Rockwell's site. Here is an example (random 70-300 f2.8 lens....) Correction factor on 35mm and FX 3m (10') infinity 70mm +2.0 +3.0 85mm +0.5 +1.0 105mm -1.0 -0.5 135mm -2.5 -2.3 200mm -4.0 -3.0 Can these values be used to manually correct the image after I "DSLR scan" them? If so, how? Many thanks!! Adam
  6. I see there is some written about clipping in the Develop persona, but not on the photo persona in the way I'm looking for within the curve window. Any ideas?
  7. Ok. This is awesome. I'm going to give this a try and see what I can find. Thank you both for two cool ways of doing this!
  8. Hi. After creating a curves layer, I want to bring down my RGB channels one at a time from the right side towards to left. BUT, I want to see that I'm not clipping the channel. How do you do that? I know in Photoshop, you can press the ALT key and the histogram goes black and you can slide the highlight point to just show the, let's say green channel just creeping into the image. That's the clip I want to avoid. Is there a way to do that in AF?
  9. Hi. Having some trouble....can someone guide me. After creating a luminosity mask for the shadows and a separate one for the highlights, I want to create a new curves layer and go deeper into each. What I need to be able to do is adjust the contrast of the mask itself, not the actual curves layer. How do you do that? In Photoshop, the way I'd do this is after creating the luminosity mask I could go into Image....Adjustments....Curves and then be able to adjust the contrast of the mask only. Is there a way to do this in AP? Thanks!! Adam.
  10. OMG!!!!! Seriously!! It was that simple. How did you know that!!! It's fixed. Thank you!!!!!!!!
  11. Here is a screenshot. I'm in Photo persona and I'm trying to flip this photo through its vertical axis (left is right and right is left). How do you do that?
  12. Hi. Under Arrange, there are 2 "Flip" and 2 "Rotate" functions and all of them are always greyed out. I need that!! What's the magic trick to getting them active? Thx!
  13. I see what's going on....Jowday was right on. Its the Document conversion to Grey 16 that then prevents you from getting back into the Develop persona. So, the workflow has to be, ignore the color cast, do what you can do with what you have using the Develop tools, then switch over to the Photo persona once you know you won't need to go back into the RAW editor. THEN, convert the image to Grey 16 and finish it. I'm sure there are other ways to do this, but this process does work. I have found that the Grey 16 document conversion produces a slightly more pleasing look than using the Black & White sliders. That could just be a technique thing, but for now I have a way to get from point A to B. It is a little weird working with an inverted image. Everything is backwards!! Highlights are darks, and contrast is highlights,but again, it works! Thanks for the help!!
  14. THAT'S EXACTLY what I do. I Invert the image and then convert the image to Grey/16. That seems like the quickest and easiest way to dump all the colors from the image and only leave me with what I want...a B&W photo. So, are you suggesting to try RGB16? And in the case I would have to use the Black & White controls to manually dump the colors. I can try that... Thanks!
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