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  1. IThinkItsMatt

    Creating a random pattern

    Thanks to everyone for your help and sorry for the late reply! @v_kyr Thanks for all the link! I've found some good patterns from there that I'll bookmark and one that will probably work for this with some tweaking. @GarryP The mathematica solution sounds like it can be very effective if I can get that working. @h_d It's a shame we can't add scripts. Sounds like someon should make a feature request. @John Rostron I don't get what you mean? What software are you referring to? Thanks again!
  2. So I want to make a random triangular pattern in photo but so far I haven't found an efficient way of going it. My target is something similar to the below image but the colours are randomly selected within a range. If possible I would also like the overall colour gradient to get darker down the page. (I know this is more of a designer job but I don't have this software at current and I can't find a way to do it in there either) So far I have found that I can create a triangular grid using induvidual triangle shapes made with the pen tool that I've replicated using a horizontal triangular grid (see below) as a guide. I could colour them manually but this would be far too slow. Thanks for any help!

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