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  1. Hi Callum, I only have this one KB. I saved my work, re-launched AP and all the keyboard shortcuts worked again.
  2. I'm on the trial, only using this 2-3 times. Just now my keyboard stopped working in the app for Win 10. I couldn't ctrl+1 to zoom in, Z wouldn't zoom, ALT wouldn't do anything. Basically all shortcut functions stopped working. I saved my edits, re-launched the app and it's all working fine now. I saw there were issues of non-responsive keyboards in the past. This is a fresh install and I was under the impression that bug was fixed? I didn't do any customizing, basically I was just following a video tut and doing some simple edits. Any ideas? I went ahead and purchased since it's a killer deal but I'd really like to log this keyboard issue with the devs.
  3. I'm going through your free Five Steps course now and I'm enjoying it. I'll look a little closer at Beginner to Pro later tonight. Thank you and have a great weekend!
  4. When I press "C" or select the crop tool, it defaults to Mode: Custom Ratio - a value that I input when I was exploring the app a couple of days ago. Is there a way to make the default behavior as Mode: Original Ratio? Thank you.
  5. Hi @drippy cat I'm new to Affinity. I've been using ON1 Photo Raw 2019 since July and recently the trial version of Dxo PhotoLab. My photography is mainly shooting shelter dogs (occasional portrait, landscape, etc). I cull in FastRawViewer before importing. My workflow is pretty basic: crop, straighten, adjust WB, tone down highlights, sharpen eyes, remove distracting objects, etc. Nothing too complicated as you can see. Is the raw dev course your choice -or- the beginner to pro course?
  6. Thank you for the quick reply. I'm completely new to AP but I noticed the cog icon is only in the Photo Persona, not the Develop Persona. Correct?
  7. Hi, brand new user on trial. I saw the help file says there are crop presets. I'm only seeing Unconstrained, Original, Custom Ratio, or Resample in the mode options. Where should I be looking to get the presets? Thank you.
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