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  1. Nope- didn't change any settings. I have owned Affinity Photo since its launch but never tried it until now. Long time I know. So no previous settings But Yes I will double check
  2. As far as Im aware I have not applied ANY changes to it in Affinity other than turning on/off the aforementioned tone curve Here are the examples from DPP. It does seem to me that it is only Affinity that lowers the overall exposure according to the histogram DPP Histo
  3. I think the next port of call is Canons own DPP - is it reasonable to suggest this as a standard point of reference for the histogram/exposure/brightnes/etc
  4. Monterey is a dog I agree, but Ive not seen this sort of aberration anywhere else (windows resizing is my main gripe along with it being very very slow compared to Mojave that this iMac came with) So just ran through this again As you can see LR produces a brighter image with no other adjustments than AFF does (Tone curve OFF). Affinity produces similarly bright image with tone Curve ON, BUT with added magenta sky (I sharpened the file s this time as the comment was made that it wasn't sharp) Im intrigued why AF doesn't produce an image of similar brightness to LR. As you can see the histograms are not the same at all- yet LR had no import preset applied nor any other change apart from sharpening ( but the history was the same before) i.e.e the image was RESET before export LR HISTO AFF HISTO AFF NO Tone Curve AFF with Tone Curve AFF Jpg LR Screenshot LR jpg
  5. That’s probably because it has had nil presharpening applied but Im not sure if that's what you're seeing. What I noticed as previously mentioned is that if I deselect apply tone curve then the image loses the magenta but comes out very flat Im on this set up
  6. I’ve not had this problem with any other editing program on any of my 80,000 CR2 files so it seems the problem lies with Affinity. sadly I don’t have the time or patience to compensate for Affinities failings. Hopefully however there will be a fix and then I can take a another shot at ditching Adobe
  7. Don't mind at all Lisbon, its more that Im puzzled why it happens in the first place..it only happens in Affinity , none of the other editing programs. It seems lies starting with a handicap to start isn't the best option. Also I very curious to know why it does this
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions: I. did try the white balance tool ( once I found it thanks!) to no avail, the magenta cast, though slightly mitigated, persisted. by all means I can upload it but will I be able to upload a 50+MP file here? IT is a Canon RAW CR2 file (Canon 5DsR). Lens Canon 16-35 f4L IS
  9. Thanks First defence I tried the RAW engine first and that made no difference but changing the tone curve to take no action did make a difference, however the image still looks a bit flat and underexposed compared to other editors (ACR, LR, RawPower). RawPower version (no adjustments) attached for comparison
  10. I'm trying to learn Affinity Photo with a view to replacing my Adobe stuff but am struggling : I've watched as many tutorials as I can without falling asleep ( a problem I have) and cannot find an answer as to why my skies are magenta. Nor can I find a dropper tool to set a white balance. (I know I can use the sliders but that isn't what I want.) Screenshots of same unadjusted file opened in Affinity Photo and in Lightroom Classic
  11. Not updating on the Mac App Store despite refreshing as per yr instructions above still on 1.7.2 thanks
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