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  1. In most cases, different icc profiles are to blame for this problem. For example: If a PDF with an embedded Generic CMYK profile is provided by the customer and your print data is made with ISO Coated v2 (ECI), you have the problem. If both have the same profile, then not. Publischer should not convert the colors when importing into the document, that would solve the problem. Ultimately, the only important thing is the output profile that I use to create the print data. In my opinion, this has nothing to do with PDF/x. Bei diesem Problem sind in den meisten Fällen unterschiedliche
  2. Hello. The new function in Affinity Publisher 1.9 for placing PDF data has a bug with color separation. With the "transfer" option, black text is always separated in C / M / Y / K and not just in K. With the "interpret" option, the color is correctly separated. However, you then have problems with the fonts again if they are not available. It's a shame, but this function cannot be used in print production like this. I hope this problem will be fixed because the Affinity programs are really great. Die neue Funktion, im Affinity Publisher 1.9, für das Platzieren von PDF Daten ha
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