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  1. Hi Affinity, I have recorded Mac's display with iPhone when I am using Affinity Designer to switch to Japanese key. Could you check this video? - hi_jp IMG_0311.MOV
  2. Hi, If I push "かな" key and "英数" key, space is entered by both keys. Mac is 2019 MacBook Pro 13". "かな" key and "英数" key of MacBook's keys work in other applications. - hi_jp
  3. Hi, I have just called Apple Support about this problem. Apple Staff told me I try to make other Mac account and made other account. Then I tested to switch to Japanese from English with "かな" key, but language has not changed. I have a question. Is your macOS is Catalina 10.15.1??? I think older Catalina worked to switch languages with "かな" key. - hi_jp
  4. Hi, Sean P. Thanks for reply. I might find the bug.. The image you posted is JIS Keyboard which is for Japanese users. There are two keys "英数" and "かな" at the bottom of your keyboard. Both "英数" and "かな" keys exist to switch languages. This doesn't work to switch in Affinity Designer(1.7.3) on Catalina(10.15.1). But, I was finally able to change language at top of screen, but Japanese users do change with "英数" key and "かな" key because it can be easy to change. Please fix it! thanks. - hi_jp
  5. Hi, Sean P Thanks for reply. I recorded screen on Catalina while using Affinity Designer. I typed "テスト" in Mac's keyboards, but it became "tesuto". Mac has 2 typed keyboards for Japanese users. One is US keyboards, Other is JIS keyboards. Japanese users mainly use JIS keyboards. I hope Affinity team fixes it as soon as possible.. - hi_jp 画面収録 2019-11-26 9.14.38.mov
  6. Hi, If I type Japanese texts in Affinity Designer(1.7.3) on Catalina(10.15.1), it be Alphabets. Please fix it. - hi_jp
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