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  1. Many thanks for your reply, Dan. I absolutely LOVE Affinity Designer, especially on iPad.
  2. Hi, I know how to do this on the desktop version ("spread") but can't see it on the iPad version. If I place a multi-page PDF into a designer file and then want to display a page other than page 1, how can I do it? I can see that I can double-click on the imported layer and view the embedded document; I can then delete all the pages except the one I want to display. But I have a feeling there must be a better way. (With the delete method, if I then want to duplicate the layer to display a different page elsewhere, I can't because I just deleted all the other pages!) Thanks in advance. I ha
  3. I’m so frustrated by this. Please, another of your wonderful explainer videos. Firstly the video tells you to touch either inside or outside the path depending on how you want the text to wrap. The only thing that works for me is to click ON the path. Secondly, I want my text on the outside of the path around the bottom of a circle. I can get the text around the outside at the top but not around the outside of the bottom. See screenshot. And what do the orange and light green control handles do? It’s mystifying. I assume that dark green and red mean start and end of the text respectively.
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