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  1. I think the devs are working on new apps rather then to fix the older apps. Its things like this that holds me off from buying the PC version since i mainly use it on the ipad but i want to support Affinity because i hate Adobe but when development is this slow then im losing hope and trust.
  2. If these are the real 1on1 copy of the Adobe file then you are my hero! I just downloaded it and will test it later today.
  3. The iPad is the future and so is Affinity but i do hope they polish things like this a little bit more. More and more people want to go away from competition but its the small things that make a app great so i hope they iron these bugs out.
  4. Yea i thought it was already in the program. Im pretty new to the ipad version so tonight i wanted to import my swatch from the PC version to my ipad but i see no way to import a swatch file so guess im out of luck. I hope they add this in the future.
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