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  1. Hello Wosven... Indeed, my black and my white, taken from the CMYK slides are not suitable : I succeeded by setting these colors to "gray levels"! I never imagined something like this ... Thank you Wosven your help, thank you, thank you !
  2. After having created it, exported (in PNG), imported into the palette ... - The brush is greyish (not 100% black) - The black slide remains inoperative - If I apply a color to it, it is added to the black ... - in any case I can paint in white >> What am I doing wrong or forgetting ??? Thank you for your help !
  3. PC Desktop - Windows 10 - AMD Ryzen 5 - Ram 16 - ATI AMD Radeon Pro WX 3100 Hello... This is what happened to me when I wanted to "group" these elements ...
  4. PC Desktop - Windows 10 - AMD Ryzen 5 - Ram 16 - ATI AMD Radeon Pro WX 3100 Hi Affinty ... and Publisher users... When the layers palette is stored in his studio, his elevator is sometimes invisible (everything is fine when we take it out and put it back on). On one screen I have Publisher, and on another I have Designer: I switch from one to the other, and after a while, one or the other get on the hand and I can't activate other tools in the vertical toolbar. This is only true on the current doc (which I cannot save). However, I can open other documents. I'm working on a 36MB doc (linked Pdf images, 12 pages): you have to wait up to 1 second before any painting moves! Various controls suddenly seem to freeze, including "Control X" which suddenly does not cut anything. Why not consider a "wireframe" display to facilitate text or wedging work, and to identify locked blocks? The "samples" palette always comes back to gray colors ... Grrr! Am I the only one ? Thanks.
  5. Since the last version (, my DESIGNER and PUBLISHER presets (keyboard shortcuts, new document templates, export profiles) disappear from time to time ... Big waste of time ! (see screenshot) ... On the other hand PUBLISHER sometimes "disappears" when I load files of 300 MB ...
  6. Hello... AFFINITY should make us an AfFPhoto / AFDesigner / AFpublisher file viewer, like ... Adobe Bridge utility. And when we want to open a document we can view it in the window. And that this viewer "sees" (good) most of the files that the Explorer "sees" (bad). THANK YOU !
  7. Yes i am with you! I work for 3-4 months on Designer and the lack of contrast is painful. It's the same on Publisher. In the layers panel, where we move a lot of things, the colors have very little brightness, it's a hassle. And in the colors proposed to locate the layers, 4 out of 7 are too dark to see if the layer is ... visible! Active panels are also indistinguishable from inactive panels. I hope that the next version will be more advanced at this level ...
  8. Thankx PÅ¡enda, yes I know this manipulation, but which responds partially ... I will quote Illustrator, like many people here, but with its direct selection tool, everything is simple. I do not expect Designer to be a copy of illustrator, and I adopted it as it is, but for certain manipulations resolved for years in most software, Affinity seems curiously dissident ... it's his personality!
  9. When you want to designate an element of a diagram using a number (letter) and a line ... you must swap the node tool (A) with the move tool (V) to adjust the position of the number and the line. Which becomes tense when you have tons! There is no optional key on these 2 tools, which would allow you to temporarily switch from tool (V) to (A), and, please, without having to activate the selection before you can move the node. .
  10. Thank you Walt for that ray of hope. We suspect that Publisher is going to evolve, no doubt we are in too much hurry, we always want more!
  11. Aaah ? Yessss ... it is not very clear ... this software does not seem really finished to me To follow...
  12. I have a Publisher doc in which I have (so far) imported 50 A4 sheets, fairly "simple" drawings (particularly loaded ...) from Designer. The total document weight is 730 MB, whether the files are linked or integrated. Of course the files are linked, the loading time is as long as in the "integrated" version. And what motivates this plea is that when I open my document, I must systematically update the modified files in the meantime! (the update in "live" works well). According to the doc there should be a difference in weight, and the loading time will be much faster. Did I miss something ?
  13. Yeah ! I admit that I searched a lot (in the menus ...) but never found. On the other hand I arrive in Designer (and Publisher) for 1 or 2 months, and I have to do everything at once: the job, and the conversion to these 2 (excellent) software, of which however certain functions are very confusing. And there I admit that I lacked perpicuity ! Thank you very much Loukash, things will be better now, thanks and merry Christmas ! Philippe
  14. Dear Affinity Team, The drawing nodes around a letter are very annoying when you want to move it precisely. Likewise, the measurement indications on both sides obstruct the view ! Couldn't we have the possibility to mask (temporarily) these visual pollution ? Thank you all
  15. Hello Stephen, If the layers are not locked, the selection tools act ... normally :) However, see in the preferences: - User interface: check "Show selection in the layer pane"; - Tools: tick "Select the object if it intersects the selection frame" (otherwise you have to surround everything the object you want, and it is not always easy). Good discovery !
  16. Hello larryh, The Designer Node tool can act as you do. If you use forms of the "toolbox", you must first "Convert to curve" ... then you take the node tool, you point where you want on the plot : a cursor can even help you to "typing" precisely ... Enjoy!
  17. Expression currently runs smoothly on WIN 7, unfortunately its interface looks rustic today and it takes good eyes to manipulate its tools. If at Affinity they wanted to add this B-Spline, Designer's arsenal would not be far from complete! (I have the exe of this software and I can send it to whoever wants: V 3.3 Beta - Not for Sale - Creature House Expression - 59 MB).
  18. Hi Larry And Hi Affinity workers... The ancestor off Aff Designer, Draw Plus X8 had a tool "Pen B-Spline" very useful to retrace from a scanned model. This B-Spline Feather is also present in the Expression software (Creature House Fractal Design - 1996 ?) Fallen into the hands of Microsoft and offered free in 2003. In Expression, you can modify the nodes afterwards, (roundtrip from an acute angle to a curve). The people at Designer should put the B-Spline up to date, personally I was looking for this kind of tool that I discovered ... Affinity!
  19. Yes I agree, PixelDroid ! This "text box" is very embarrassing, we do not see the cursor when he taps on the left, and when we grab a lot of small numbers it's clenching ... Same thing of course under Publisher (other fine App)...
  20. I add my modest voice to your request, a selector such as the one you describe is sorely lacking Designer. For the ancients or for those who arrive, it looks like this on Illustrator...
  21. Oops ! I had not looked there ... I was looking in preferences ... I was a little (a lot) precipitated. Thank you for helping me out Walt, I regret to have bothered everyone on this issue. Excuse me again!
  22. Yes Claudia, this feature (Ctrl-D) means "Repeat the transformation"... including rotations, scaling. Very very useful ! I support your request...
  23. Hello the Affinity team ! The red line underlining references (SQU-01-G, or A5 ...) becomes very quickly visually embarrassing on schemas that include many. Even if you set "No correction" in the language of the Character panel. The "text box" that surrounds these small texts is also visually painful even when setting its size to Minimal. and what about going back and forth with the move tool, while pressing the Control key the text tool could become a tool for moving ... Really and many and more thanks...
  24. Sure R C-R... AFF Designer is an excellent software certainly, promising of course, but that seems burn the steps (like the user's comfort). The documentation is very well translated (I live in France) but it is difficult to understand it. I have years of illustrator reflexes to question!
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