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  1. On 8/31/2018 at 9:53 AM, Dave Harris said:

    Publisher does support index marks and indexes. See Text > Index and View > Studio > Index. Cross references won't be in 1.7 but should come later.

    That's a complete show stopper for me. Can you please be more detailed, when referencing will be available. In the meanwhile I have to stick with MS word, as I#m using a lot of figures I refere within the text. Also numbering the figures based on the sections would be nice.

    In the example below the bold text shows the reference and the italic text where it links to. So when you click on the 1 of "section 1" it whill refere you to "Section 1: some blabla".

    When you click on "Figure 1-1" it will jump to "Figure 1-1: A nice graph". The numbering is done automatically. So if I delete "---graph--- Figure 1-1: A nice graph" then it should update "Figure 1-2: Another nice graph in section 1" to be "Figure 1-1: Another nice graph in section 1".


    Section 1: some blabla

    see Figure 1-1 below:

    ---- graph ---
    Figure 1-1: A nice graph in section 1

    ---- graph ---
    Figure 1-2: Another nice graph in section 1

    Section 2. some more blabla

    see Figure 1-1 in section and Figure 2-1 below:

    ---- graph ----
    Figure 2-1: another nice graph

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