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  1. I encountered this problem today. 100 steps is really not enough for levels. (I was trying to match two images.) As a reference Photoslop uses 256 steps... So I am adding my vote for this enhancement.
  2. Thanks for the feedback! It is good to know that this is being fixed. As long as I have a workaround I can be very patient! Please thank the development team too, I really appreciate their work!
  3. Hello Dan, Thanks for the update! I tried the new beta and the behaviour is the same. However, I did discover that the problem seems to be related to Separated Mode. (I need to use Separated Mode because I have to refer to other applications while I am working.) When Separated Mode is off, the presets apply pretty consistently.
  4. Hello Dan, I do not notice any difference in behaviour when the second monitor is unplugged.
  5. Thank you for the reply. Yes, I am using two monitors an LG 34WK95U-W (5120x2160) and an LG Ultrawide (2560x1080).
  6. Thank you Bruce, that is useful. But I still think that drop caps should work with centred text without having to use workarounds. Anyway, life goes on...
  7. Yes the last line was in fact a separate paragraph, oops! The behaviour still seems a bit strange to me though. In other DTP programs the line indents are relative to the paragraph indents such that you need to set a negative value to have the first line move "outside" the paragraph. Well, maybe I will get used to it...
  8. Here is a document demonstrating the issue: dropcaptest.afpub
  9. Hello all, Paragraph indents should be independent of the first line indent and last line outdent settings. Or the first line indent and last line outdent settings should be _relative_ to the indent settings. The existing behaviour is rather strange and led to some comically quizzical facial expressions this morning. Thank you! Untitled.mov
  10. Hello everyone, The dropcap feature doesn't work with centre justified text. So this is a bug report or feature request, however you would like to see it! Obviously, the dropped capital should be flush with the text and not pushed to the edge of the text frame. Happy new year!
  11. Double-clicking does not change the behaviour for me. If I quit Photo and launch it afresh, the preset will apply the first time I click it but subsequent attempts will have no effect. Thank you for the feedback!
  12. Unfortunately, my Wacom tablet no longer functions in MacOS 11 so I am using a mouse and a Magic trackpad. (Both do the same thing with presets BTW.) Attached is a video of what is happening. Thank you for the help! presets.mp4
  13. Hello, I am having trouble getting presets to do something in Affinity Photo (MacOS 11.0.1, Photo 1.8.6). I have saved a Levels preset but when I click it, it does nothing! I have a pixel layer selected. If I need to do something to make it apply it would be helpful if Photo could say something... i.e. "Please select a pixel layer" or "Please select an RGB image" etc. Anyway, it would be useful to have presets working. Thank you!
  14. Hello MEB, I am using the PDF (for print) preset. TNX
  15. Hello all, I have encountered a bug where blending a group of layers results in an incorrect rendering when exported to PDF. This is using the latest stable version of Affinity Photo on Mac: 1.8.4 It seems to occur when a group of layers is set to semi-transparent and the group includes layers with blend modes (in this case Lighten). I have attached an Photo document and a PDF. Sometimes the problem does not occur when different layers are active but I have not been able to track down why. This test case shows the problem in its most simple form. Left: image in Photo. Right: Exported PDF. star_test.afphoto star_test.pdf
  16. I am using Blender. When exporting SVG from Designer however I cannot seem to get the units to coordinate. I guess some scaling will have to do. (scaling to 1.25 seems to be the right amount. :)
  17. Thank you @Alfred That was really helpful. It seems it is a font issue... @MEB I have uploaded the document. Thank you for investigating this!
  18. Hello everyone, I am getting this message when I try to export a Publisher document to a PDF. Is there a log file somewhere that will help me find out why the error is occurring? Thank you!
  19. I really need to de able to edit alpha channels too. Just adding my voice...
  20. Hello everyone, When in Develop mode, if you click the window close button (top-left corner in windowed mode) the document will close instantly without asking you to save even if you have made changes when in Develop mode. Thank you!
  21. The text related window switching appears to be fixed in 1.8.4 for all apps i.e. Photo, Designer, and Publisher. Good work!
  22. The text related window switching appears to be fixed in 1.8.4 for all apps i.e. Photo, Designer, and Publisher. Good work!
  23. Hello everyone! Can someone tell me what happened to the Colour Format menu? I know it used to exist as seen in the attached screenshot but I cannot find it.
  24. I too need to be able to do 1-bit TIFs for book printing. I use them all the time for line art. Just today I had to fire up Photoshop to be able to do this. It seems like such a basic feature to have...
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