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  1. Essentially, I've selected the background mask to try to apply a gradient using the color picker tool, however whenever I use it it selects the whole images (aside from the border) and makes it all that one color. What I'm trying to do is make the character pop by having the background blurred and a gradient, but it always applies to the whole thing. Any ideas on how to get it to just apply to the background?
  2. Hey, I'm currently on the free trial version of Affinity Photo and was wondering if it was at all possible to re-create thumbnails such as a few of these pictured below? (Apologies for poor quality, hard to rip from YouTube.) Specifically, how can I get text to look like that in Affinity Photo, and, in addition, how can I get the outlines done on people/also around the borders of the thumbnails? Thanks!

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