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  1. If dragging a segment will be so imprecise, then why make the anchor points be static? It would vastly improve the "organic" shapes that could be created if the curve moved "organically" no matter where the anchor points are. But I won't use Affinity products until this feature of constrain path dragging on segment reshape is in - I find it impossible to be fast creating any precise drawings with it. It's so much quicker in Illustrator.
  2. Thanks firstdefence for taking the time to understand and thanks to PixelPest for the info on maintaining handle direction. The need for constrain path dragging on segment reshape is there because it's part of my normal workflow with using the pen tool. I can't use the pen tool quickly without it so hopefully the Affinity team see it as a good idea. So I will post a request for it. Cheers.
  3. Doesn't answer the question. If you look at the animated gif or the youtube video, you can see that the node direction handles do not change direction when the curve is being dragged. This is the feature that is missing and has been in Adobe Illustrator since 1987.
  4. Despite searching the forums for constrain path dragging on segment reshape, I could not find this topic. So I created a new one: Is it possible to merge the topics? Has that chat taken place and if so, what was the outcome?
  5. No and I can hardly believe that it's difficult to understand considering Illustrator's pen tool remained unchanged for over 30 years. I couldn't find any other topic that was talking about this so I created this one. But I have since found someone else asking for the same: Is it possible to merge the two topics? Below is an example of "constrain path dragging on segment reshape". Notice the direction handles keep their direction when the path segment is dragged. Adobe released a video when they introduced Illustrator in 1987. You can see them demonstrate constrain path dragging on segment reshape in the video:
  6. Hi Affinity aficionados, I have been an Adobe Illustrator user since Illustrator 1.0 (about 33 years) and have gotten used to how it works!! Illustrator and Photoshop have recently made "Constrain path dragging on segment reshape" optional. I have this switched on because it makes sense to me (must be those 33 years of it being the same!!). The first thing I did in Affinity Designer was to see how the pen tool works and it doesn't constrain path dragging on segment reshape. Unless I'm missing something. You might ask what is Constrain path dragging on segment reshape? It is when the direction handles of a curve are constrained to keep their direction while the curve is being dragged. This makes sense to me because the direction of the curve when placing a node is easy to judge and easy to set and I find the length of the handle a little harder to judge so a tweak of the curve usually follows. But without constraining the direction of the nodes, the curve goes all over the place and not where I want it to go. When the directions on each end have already been set, the curve is very easy to position. But if the directions do not hold, the curve is nearly impossible to position. Is this available with the curve editing tools in Affinity products? Or is it a feature that could go in? Regards, Mike
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