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  1. I have a question about designer. It appears there used to be a convert to picture frame option but is has been removed in 1.7. I'm making a template for social media and I want it to be easy for users to swap out the photos I place as placeholders. How can i do that? I tried adding photos with the Inside the selection button but it doesn't seem to swap photos just puts another on top. any suggestions?
  2. Thanks but I can't click the link in the photo you posted. Still can't see the videos that work.
  3. Where are these videos now because those links do not work.
  4. hi Dan, i do have a photo in the document but i didn't delete that photo i dont believe but ill double check.
  5. thank you so i just now saw the file pop up in my search. but when i clicked it i saw this error messaged (see below) so i went to recycle bin and restored everything i deleted from that date i last had access to the file. now none of those images are in the file so idk how its linked but i was able to retrieve the file once i restored. now my question is how do i find out what its linked to and unlink it. i want to delete clutter from my computer since I'm not using any external hard drive
  6. @unni where do you go to tools>folder options>view at? in affinity program or on the computer itself?
  7. hi, I lost a file in AD. i clicked on it from open recent and i recovery box opened i clicked yes but it never opened now i cant find it anywhere on my computer. what do i do?
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