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  1. Hello MEB, Thank you for your quick reply. Very good if you do not reproduce the bug with version 1.7.3. Effectivelent I did not pay attention that I did not have the last version. The problem is that I bought Affinity Photo on the App Store, and that if version 1.7.3 is really online, my version 1.7.2 has not been updated; in principle I have nothing to do, other times it is Apple who offers me the updates. This version 1.7.2 is not very old: created on August 15 and modified on August 16. I am under MacOS 10.14.6 Mojave, and in this version there is no button "Check for updates". I do not know anymore with this version of MacOS how to force the Affinity Photo Update. I'm waiting for your advice for this new problem and a check that it is not at the level of the App Store.
  2. Hello MEB, I sent you a .tif file that crashed Affinity Photo with the link. I just tested with another scanner for slide: DigitDia 6000 Reflecta, the crash does not occur even with a file .tif of 56 MB. Sorry but I did not understand the sentence: It may or may not be the same issue as the OP's report/issue and would be nice to check the revised code against it as well. Do you expect me to do something in return?
  3. Hello, I have the same problem with 18 or 20 MB TIFF files that come from a Canon 9000f scanner. These are color files although the paper photo is black and white. It is systematically a crash. The photos open with my other software without problems. I can not send you TIFF file samples because they are too big. The exact extension of my files is: ".tif" Affinity Photo_2019-11-01-113151_Mac-Pro-de-Francis.crash

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