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  1. This whole thing is a joke right? I mean the lack of this functionality... like an ALT-click on the checkmarks...
  2. Uhh, i've checked the thread you've linked... at least i know i'm not the only one
  3. Thank You! I love this program, the only thing which i don't prefer this complicated mask behavior/layer behavior. In PS i do not need to convert something to a pixel layer, or convert a grayscale image to a mask layer etc just handling masks way easier. But... they started that subscription style, so i leave them and bought a copy of Affinity Photo. It worked fine in many situations and the price is more than correct. And maybe with time i get used to this wierd layer masking system also. You helped me a lot with that alpha curve thing. It is a pretty weak solution in this program, very confusing (these types, for example in this case i have a grayscale PIXEL layer which is a MASK but in the adjustment layer it is an ALPHA, so nest togeather some things and tell me which one is which, how the data flows) etc) and the problem it is not working for other adjustment layers, for example the Brightness layer doesn't have a menu to choose 'Alpha'. Whatever. I try to learn it... I wish someday a node based photoshop like program will be developed, with a good price and permanent license...like Nuke or Blender's compositor, but with tools like content aware fill (inpaint) and all the other good stuff. The Foundry's Mari is the nearest thing to what i'm talking about, but it's 3D and PS has way more tools....whatever. This is a dream and i live in the present...
  4. May i ask one more? In this video you can see i use your previous tips. (Until 0:55) Everything is working fine, until i add the Curves adjustment layer to the mask BEFORE i make it nested. At 1:22 you can see i just can't attach the curves adjustmen layer to the mask. Do you now how to do it except the workaround where i move the mask out, attach the curves and move the whole thing back?
  5. Thank you very much kaffeeundsalz! All the informations are welcome and useful you wrote, especially the last one which i could NEVER figured out by alone! It is such a big help for me!! https://giphy.com/gifs/3oEdva9BUHPIs2SkGk
  6. You know, in the last 2 hours i tried to simple start to mask out some hair by using channels but i never even got a grayscale image working as a mask which is pretty annoying. I've watched tutorials, searched in google etc, but nothing. It's a fkcin disappointment i just can't belive what's happening, i'm this dumb or just using this program is so not intuitive? Or is it a bug?? Finally i've recorded a video. Can somebody tell me what's going on? 1. I demonstrate using simple mask layers...it works with brush 2. I try to use a grayscale image as mask which i made from the red channel..it DOESN't WORK 3. Then a pathetic struggling starts to get rid of that 'mask layer'.. 4. So finally, i show you what would be the way i would like to use it (we are at 2:07 in the video): I create a curves adjustment layer. I drop it on the grayscale image, under the name, to have the effect only that layer, then i drop the whole thing to the image, on the thumbnail, to convert it to a layer mask. Of course it still doesn't working and at this point i can't even reach the adjustment layer again... I tried lot's of things, like create a mask for the color image with the mask button, then ctrl+c the grayscale image, then alt+click on the mask then ctrl+v but also doesn't work. 2 hours for my life and my nerve system is in pieces. So please somebody tell me why this **** can not mask this ******* image??? PS: I'm aware of brush selections, refining masks and other techniques, i'm asking EXACTLY what i'm asking and not interested in 'other solutions'. Thank you!
  7. Hello, What happened with the interactive size setting? Until this point i could use: "Alt and Left Mouse button and right mouse button Drag left / right to change size Drag up/down to change hardness" Now size changed to SHAPE sometimes roatation i can't folllow but i need this now for my work so please what is going on!! Or at least which is the latest stable version where it's work and where can i download it?
  8. Please DO something! I'm in the same boat! I want use LUTs but no way i add them one by one!!!
  9. Hello, I've recently bought AP to stop using photoshop and i'm almost completly happy and suprised (how well the program is) except one (and for me it's a HUGE one) thing, which is killing the whole thing: the missing the Photoshop wrap tool. I'm a professional 3D artist and want to use AP concepting in 2D (like thousands of people does in PS: ) but a proper warp tool is a missing KEY feautre. The one which is in the program now is can't get the grip up in these type of works. So please AP, if you want to open for professionals also, make this right as soon as possible!
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