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  1. Well, you can get a 40% discount right now, right? It is fair price for an upgrade. The only thing is that the discount is not privileged only to existing users but it is for everybody (including newcomers). I actually do not care if I am the only who gets the discount or everybody gets it Or am I missing something?
  2. Yep, this happens in Export persona (File > Export menu works just fine :))
  3. Joining the "export crash" crew. This is bothering me for a long time (MacOS Monterey 12.6, AF Designer 1.10.5). I literally learned to save my file before exporting files because there is 50/50 chance it'll crash. (Please, can we have some bugs related update finally?)
  4. Even though we should stick to the original thread and I do not agree with creating the duplicate, variable fonts mess is kinda weird and annoying. Adapting the concept of variable fonts is one thing but treating them like users does not have them installed or they do not exist is another
  5. same here. Only happens with the version from Affinity store page (not the App store version).
  6. Hello guys, this is a minor thing I have noticed today. When I keep clicking on color picker in appearence panel repeatedly it copy the UI over itself. I think this is not expected behaviour, right? Screen Recording 2022-01-26 at 12.41.55.mp4
  7. Yep, same here. My breaking point was discovery of missing multiline composing of paragraphs. Ragged lines at the end of the paragraph looks horrible. Do not get me wrong, I love the concept of Affinity products and I consider myself as fan, but Publisher is so not ready for the professional typesetting.
  8. Yes, it is. I tried with different examples and it works just fine. But in this particular one it is a problem – unexpected behaviour.
  9. Thank you. It was set to "Meter join" (sharp corners) – in video you shoud see sharp corners of the stroke before expanding The stroke expansion make weird round corners and a glitchy path.
  10. I found a way to make cleaner outline for those who experienced the problem --> we can use the Contour tool instead. But... there is something really wrong with the expand stroke. There shoud not be round corners or glitchy paths after expand when there is no roundness to the path.
  11. Hello, expand stroke command produces horrible paths (shown on attached video). Please, can you fix this asap? The app is literally unusable for professional logo creation or detailed exports for factory production. Expand stroke.mp4
  12. Stumbled on this thread after searching for the "balanced ragged lines option". +1 for multiline paragraph composer implementation.
  13. Hello, is there any official statement on the topic of multiline composer concept integration? This seems to me like another one of the must have missing features – especially for professionals.
  14. Standard installation. Admin account, default root app folder. What is weird, is that there were no problems with AP and AF.
  15. same here. Can't update Designer. No prob with Publisher & Photo
  16. Can't reduce the width of the studio on the right side (I left there layers and some panels I use on the regular basis)
  17. This is actually fairly interesting approach! Thanks. Tried it and gonna give it a shot for a while. On the other hand, it is pity I did not retrieved any of the horizontal space...
  18. Right now, I am hoping for the 2.0 update in the future. Probably many of the requested features (not just for the Designer, but also Photo and APub) will be implemented in the 2. generation. It needs to be a big release because we will need to buy a new licence. Also, should not forget the fact, that Affinity is still the first generation software and as it is hard to say, it is not mature yet. Anyway, wish them good luck, even though there are missing features, performance of the apps is stellar and promising :)
  19. Hello, I made a video step by step guide (for the Slovak dictionary). Maybe it will be useful
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