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  1. Spider_Webster

    Affinity Photo/Designer won't open

    Ive uninstalled my nvidia software and driver rebooted and stuck with the simple vga for a little and it still wouldnt load. Ive now just let windows install graphics card driver and I will check the list of software from your link. Just checked the software list and dont have any of those?
  2. Spider_Webster

    Affinity Photo/Designer won't open

    I've reverted back to an old disk image which has windows 1809 build 17763.805 and infinity works. I was on 1903 build 18362.10022. Just have to wait now for windows updates to make it stop loading again maybe??
  3. Spider_Webster

    Affinity Photo/Designer won't open

    I have same problem, all of a sudden it wont open after updating to 1.7.3 so I reverted back to 1.7.2 which I knew worked but that is same wont open. Ive uninstalled again and loaded my first version and this is same, just cant get Affinity to load up anymore??

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