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  1. Hi MEB, I have followed everything mentioned here and have successfully installed nik plugins. But the only issue is they are working fine sometimes and freezes affinity photo sometimes. Can we solve this?
  2. nikhiljangala

    Affinity Photo "Actions"

    MEB, By when can we start using actions in Photo? Also, can we import photoshop actions to photo? Thanks, Nikhil
  3. nikhiljangala

    Pen tool behavior

    For anchor points, we can enter the x,y coordinates manually in the transform window. Can we do the same with handles too? Can we enter numbers to give them the required curves? That is possible in sketch. How about the same in designer?
  4. Is this function out yet? How is this image created with affinity not having isometric grids? https://www.behance.net/gallery/20797017/Isometric-Bummer