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  1. I too would really like this feature. Surely it is not hard to incorporate this?? Thanks for a great software Donuk
  2. OK, so when you join and announce yourself, why did my message get Hidden? It was certainly not discourteous.
  3. I may be wrong but I think Photoshop strips out unnecessary metadata when saving for the web. Would that be a useful feature in Affinity?
  4. Just joined and just discovered, and then purchased Affinity Photo. I am retired and a keen photographer (I use Olympus - like a small camera). I spend most of my time oil painting for commission and exhibitions. I used Photoshop for many years on Windows. Now on Mac. It is just too expensive. And so far find Affinity as good. Having uninstalled Photoshop from my Mac I find that Bridge still works as a photo sorting software and have configured it to open in Affinity. What software do you guys recommend for photo management? Also, I discovered - I suppose it is a policy of yours - it is not possible to sign up to this forum with a VPN installed. Why is this?? I look forward to getting to know you all and Affinity better. Donuk
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