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  1. Really fine solution., and clear video sample, too! (amazing how you may use living examples with modern techniques) ... one good short movie example replaces 10 000 words! (with real application sample) Thanks a lot A_B_C !!! br Erkki
  2. Yes, you are right. You are expert! Table has better features for typographcal adjusting. I have textual data (tab delimited, cr at the end of line) for the tables. One problem still. What is the best way to import textual data to the table?
  3. Hi, You both had excellent solutions. Somehow I could not get it opened in the morning. Now I got. My mistake was trying to use "font´s underscore". Thank you very much! br Erkki
  4. Really fine solution! I was blind. My idea was to use font´s underscore feature, which did no give what I had in my mind. Your solution is excellent! You made my day! br Erkki
  5. Oh, that´s good idea. So you can see all my doings! Eager to see your solution! br Erkki LMM 1504 test.afpub
  6. Thanks for your reply. I tried several methods (also those you recommended) without success. My wish is to have optimal word spaces, ragged left and full column width for the underscore like in my picture. Also no letter spacing for the word, if only one word on the row. ... hoping to be solved Thanks Erkki
  7. Hello experts! I have tried to make a paragraph style where text should be justified to the left but still underlined to full column width. Here is my present result and my wish. Is this possible to do? br Erkki
  8. Hello Walt, I have MacOs Catalina installed and I have a need for Finnish and Estonian hyphenation. I have "a light technical experience" and so I like to have "Affinity recommended" simple instructions how to accomplish a working environment. I found instructions for InDesign but they are not suitable for Affinity products, I think. I found some discussions at the forum but i could not figure out how to do it. I believe that such "as generic workflow" would help a lot of other international users, too! Here is the link to adobe forum: https://helpx.adobe.com/indesign/kb/add_cs_dictionaries.html Thanks in advance! Erkki
  9. Hello, Would you send "SIMPLE PROCEDURE" for adding hyphenations to Publisher. It was really surprising to find that Publisher did not contain languages of norther countries! Thank you in advance! Erkki
  10. Hi Garry, Thanks for the reply! I saw only two samples. The results of both of them are good looking but not done "systematically" as I wanted. I have used several years InDesign and using its "pro" functions which Publisher seems to have, too! There are surely small different approaches like I have found eg. "Base concept" found in Text styles which is missing in InDesign. I hope to find a sample which could be using elements like "head, subhead, lead-in, body, first paragraph of the body", containing automated base line grid .... etc. Ps. I found a surprising problem with hyphenation! How to have hyphenation for my needs (finnish, estonian, swedish). ??? Thanks in advance Garry! Erkki
  11. Hello, Do you have any sample templates without actual images which might have typographically well done items (like text styles, master pages, with some harmonised colors, base line grids) available to download. It would be nice to have such to starting point to have. Thanks in advance! With the best regards Erkki
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