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  1. I wholeheartedly agree. There have been so many times I have needed to use this feature.
  2. Hi Walt, So what you're saying is that I can confidently purchase the current workbook in the safe knowledge that it covers all tools for the current version of Affinity Designer (Version 1.8.4). Excellent. Then I'll go ahead and purchase it. Thanks. = Steve
  3. Hi Walt, Thanks for responding. My issue is, how would I know that without seeing what's in the book? The page doesn't really show that much. Well, this page (attached) says that it covers every tool. Surely, with subsequent releases of Affinity Designer there might be new tools added, so it would definitely have an effect on the workbook. A PDF version would be a great option because that means it could be easily updated. And I prefer reading books on the Kindle app on my iPad anyway so that would really suit me. It means I can take all of my books wherever I go. = Steve
  4. Thanks. That's the problem with physical books. Unless they're updated for new releases they lose some of their relevance. The Australian price for the book currently works out to be $100, so I don't want to buy a book that is already out of date. = Steve
  5. Hi, I was thinking of buying the Affinity Designer Workbook, but first can anyone tell me which version of Affinity Designer it's based on? As new versions of AD are released, I'd imagine the book could become quickly outdated. = Steve
  6. I would like to see free transform and warp tools as well. I keep having to switch to another application to do this so it would be a great productivity boost, at least for me. = Steve
  7. + 1 from me as well. It's so odd that it doesn't already have this.
  8. Thank you for the welcome. :-) That seems like a big oversight. I actually have Affinity Photo, which I haven't used yet, so I'll check that out. Thanks. = Steve
  9. Please forgive me if this is a stupid issue - I've only started using AD this week. I've made a simple window which I want to distort to place on the side of a building. No matter which way I try to add these shapes together, the individual objects retain their node points. Is there any way I can merge these individual objects (rectangles) into one object, that I can then convert to a curve and distort to fit the side of the building (not shown)? Thanks. = Steve
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