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  1. Hi, I am animating some png with transparent background and it results awful artifacts on the hardware (smartwatch). It lokks like the transparency isn't 100% recognized as that. Now I wonder if it needs a special export to avoid this... The "holo" part shows the edge of the animated image. Any help would be highly aporeciated. I'm nearly desperate Barb
  2. Yes, I can reproduce it with any shape/gradient 😔 I now built a global palette of the document and there I could add the gradients manually. But I think, that's not, how it's supposed to work
  3. Ah, I just found out, I can add the gradient to the normal document pallette (or global if I want to) But why can't I add it to the gradients? Doesn't seem logical to me
  4. Yes, I have the layer selected and want to add it's fill to the gradient palette
  5. I only have one button, the one with plus sign. But I can click it like crazy and still nothing happens. Can they be de-/activated somehow?
  6. I just tried to add gradients to the palette, but I can click the "add" - button til eternity - nothing happens I now saved them as styles, but that's only an ugly workaround
  7. Hello, I just ran into an odd issue: Exporting my file as a png (Nearest, selected without bg) it flattens my texture and removes a lot of noise. So the object looks totally different. Are there any settings I could choose, to export it as it looks in original? Any help would be very appreciated. Regards Barbara Kälin
  8. You're right. In most cases. For some specific work I do, it would be very helpful. But not necessary ;)
  9. Could we set these features as default instead of choosing them every time?
  10. Okay, It's not the same font, as I didn't have it supported in this editor. But it's the same resolution. This is the editor I'm building the clockfaces in, wich supprts 300 x 300. The background (some brushed aluminium) and the left column are one png i built and exported as png from affinity designer. The png is all blurred and the color is "yello-ish"
  11. Hi, maybe my question fits in here... I develop watchfaces for a screen supporting 300px x 300px. I am really frustrated, as the png export files don't show the details. It's all blurred I tried to build in 300 x 300 so I won't have to compress it later. The look in pixelview is not overwhelming but ok, but the export png again is much more unsharp. (I already set the view in win settings to 100%. Didn't help, automatic pixel snap, whole px off, checked by hand everything is alligned to a full px. But the restult ist still frustrating) backgroundcand left digits are bitmap from affinity, right digits directly inserted. Any help would be appreciated. Greets. Barbara
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