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  1. Hi, I can't open files stored on my ipad in Affinity Designer since the new IOS update. I have read other forums on this topic and understand there is an issue with the new IOS not supporting the function to open files from the files folder? I don't want to store everything on the cloud. My ipad does not have cellular capability, and therefore I would not be able to work on anything when I'm not connected to wifi, which is quite often.. ie during my long commute to work. Is this going to be resolved??? I also have the issue with the thumbnails all being blank, which makes it extremely difficult to find files that I need to work off of. This program, which I have really enjoyed until now, is rendered somewhat useless to me by this update. And about 6 months worth of work is inaccessible most of the time. It's extremely frustrating especially when you're under tight tight tight deadlines.
  2. got it, thank you so much. any updates on the thumbnails?

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