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  1. This post here makes me sad. However it also means I clearly don't understand something. I don't get why the picture format (CR3 in this instance) differs across different cameras. I would have presumed that a format is a format is a format and the vehicle carrying it is hardly relevant. So what part of my knowledge is incorrect? If answering, please type slowly, I can't read fast. By which I mean I have very limited technical knowledge of the different formats and I'm unclear about their differences, strengths and weaknesses etc.
  2. Great thanks for the heads up. As an aside question, roughly how long does it take for a beta to live in Affinity's cycle?
  3. Thanks Dan, Does this mean that the CR3 format of the 90D is different from other CR3 formats? I'm not sure I'm following exactly here. Thanks
  4. hi, I've been using Affinity since April. I upgraded my camera to the 90D, and I found that 1.7 doesn't support CR3. I've downloaded and installed the 1.8 beta as per instructions in this thread and CR3 image thumbnails indicate they are registering showing a "Affinity Beta" logo but when I try and open it in 1.8, I get an error "This file type is not supported." I'd be very interested in knowing what's happening here, thanks.
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