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  1. I have just started using Publisher and it’s great – I do agree, however, that this would be a very useful feature for quick works, where you wouldn’t usually bother creating text or paragraph styles. I hope they add it in the next upgrade.
  2. I think I have solved the problem. The problem is not specific to Affinity Designer, rather it’s a problem of how printers basically handle the printing of Black text in color documents, and how Black is specified within said documents. While InDesign has a "smarter" approach and lets you specify to print all the text boxes in Black in the Printer dialog box, many graphics applications (Including Illustrator) usually handle CMYK Black specified (correctly) as a 100% as a "bleak" Black, and thus they print it screened. Even if one specifies a CMYK rich Black, say 40/30/30/100, the text comes out blacker but still screened and "fuzzy" around the edges. To obtain a perfectly sharp text in Affinity, for documents which need to be printed neatly just in black and white, just set it as a RGB Black (0/0/0) and print as usual. I don’t know if it has any incidence, since it’s about continuous tone RGB pictures, but I also unchecked "Black point compensation" (see screenshot) and used rendering intent "Relative colourimetric", which is usually the default for most graphic applications. To obtain it in InDesign, as said, you just have to leave the Black swatch "as is", and the application handles it automatically when you specify in the "Options" section of the Print dialog box "RGB composite" and "Text in Black". Here there’s a solution that apparently should obtain the same crisp black for text in Illustrator, but it did not work for me (as it probably depends also on the printer drivers). https://beeldbuijs.nl/how-to/print-100-black/ At any rate: now I can start to use Affinity Publisher. Yay! Thanks much for the help and moral help.
  3. There are just two threads raising an issue about the 100% Black (and obviously I searched the forum before asking) but they are about a different problem, and none answers my specific one, which is pretty key, as I can’t even print Black elements in Black from within the application (not PDFs, exports, etc.). :-(
  4. Thanks. I did both and in Preview (which was what I already used the first time) it prints in a pretty light gray (abiud a 60% Black), while when I imported the PDF in InDesign it prints in Black (apparently in a correct way). What can I do? :-(
  5. Well, I am sad as I would have loved to start to use Affinity Publisher instead of the Adobe products, but if I can’t even print out a page in Black it’s quite disappointing. :-( Here’s the PDF, thanks much! Large settings.pdf
  6. I also tried to select "Black point compensation" in the "Preferences" dialog box but again, to no avail. Even choosing to "Perceptual" the rendering intent does not change anything. Always dark grey (screened) instead of Black… :-(
  7. I tried to export the document in PDF, keeping the Fogra profile, but it always prints in gray (from the PDF even a lighter gray, for what matters). I also tried to change the document color settings to "Grey-16" (instead of "CMYK-8") but it's the same. And so is if the document is in "RGB" format. :-(
  8. Hi Dan, many thanks. The "Graphics" and "Printer Setting" sections of the driver do not contain any specific information about colour settings. Here they are, anyway:
  9. My Samsung is a black and white printer. My Affinity Publisher preferences are as follows:
  10. Hi, I have opened the "Print" dialog box but I do not have a "Colour Matching" element in the dropdown menu. It‘s as follows:
  11. Many, many thanks to begin with! I will do so ASAP, when I am back home. This has been pretty frustrating so far… :-(
  12. Sorry, I had some busy days! Here’s the afpub document, and a screenshot to show how I set up the black. The document color method is CMYK. I am printing on a Samsung laser printer which never did this with other sofwtare. Large settings.afpub
  13. Hi, I am new here. I jusr recently purchased Affinity Publisher and I am starting to use it for some black & white typesetting. However, as soon as I started with some tests, I can’t seem to be able to print the text pages (Black only) on my laser printer and ensure it actually comes out as Black. It always prints screened, at a percentage which seems to be about a 90% Black. I have searched the forums and Google to see if other users had encountered a similar problem, but I can’t seem to find anything. I tried to set my document both with CMYK and Gray color format, to no avail. I also recreated the Black from scratch, giving a value of 0-0-0-100, but it prints in screened dark gray both if I use a "rich black" or a 0-0-0-100 CMYK Black. I am using Publisher with an old Mac Tower and operating system El Capitan 10.11.6. The problem seems to be with Affinity alone, as my old InDesign prints the Black correctly.
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