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  1. SOLVED!!! With the latest Windows 10 update the Affinity Designer works with OneDrive, as it should.
  2. Thanks for the instructions. I already tried all following steps, did not help. - uninstalled the OneDrive - restart, test, BSOD - installed OneDrive from the Store - restart, test, BSOD - uninstalled OneDrive from the Store - restart, test, BSOD - installed OneDrive for Business, on the Outlook 365 package - restart, test, BSOD My laptop is on a hosted business environment, so I may not have found all possible cloud systems. I'd rather not touch on the Sharepoint... Complete system reinstall would take two days (due to some of the special work related software), so that is not an option. I have already spent too much time on trying to solve this issue, it is smarter to wait for updates that fix the issue or use the expensive alternative that does not break my workflow.
  3. Thanks for the tip, Scott! Unfortunately, that did not solve my BSOD. The crashing point has evolved over time, initially I could not get the Designer even running. Now I get the BSOD when saving (with save as...) a file. The Designer store app version has clearly some different code than anywhere else. Many tend to blame Microsoft's updates for the BSOD as other applications have caused BSODs after the update. But who knows... perhaps somewhere exists an open source library that Serif's developers have been using to get the Designer into the MS Store? Other parties may have used that same faulty library causing the problem. Serif's responses on this forum have been just shrugging the problem towards Microsoft. I am still waiting for a permanent solution, either from Serif or Microsoft. I wonder if has anyone with Surface and MS Store app purchase got the Designer up and running?
  4. The latest Windows update KB4524570 changed the symptoms, now the blue screen comes when trying to save or open a file. I have no means to tell who is to blame for the bug, Affinity or Microsoft. At least multiple users having the same setup and path are coming up: Surface, Store, cldflt.sys and OneDrive... My solution is utterly stupid to use even for a temporarily solution. I am an entrepreneur using my Surface to earn my living. Currently the Affinity software is the only one causing BSOD. I have not experienced BSOD in years with my business laptops. So far the best solution is to avoid using Affinity Designer and use other graphics tools instead. As I see it, the 50 eur purchase price has granted me right to complain about the matter. I don't even care to calculate what a single BSOD costs for me in terms of wasted working time.
  5. I have the same problem, also Surface + MS Store. One workaround has been to stop and start the cldflt.sys using the command prompt. Or just not to use the Affinity until this bug is sorted. sc stop cldflt.sys sc start cldflt.sys
  6. Exactly, I am having just he same issue with Surface hardware and similar path; from the Store trial version working fine to complete BSOD after purchasing the full version. One workaround is to disable the cldflt.sys for the time when using Designer: sc stop cldflt.sys And start again after returning to normal duties: sc start cldflt.sys That has been the only way to get the Affinity Designer even running. Very frustrating.
  7. Update to my situation. I have uninstalled all KB updates made to my 3-week-old laptop (not many), uninstalled the Designer once more and reinstalled Designer from MS Store. Now the computer crashes almost immediately when the Designer is started. Any more suggestions to try?
  8. I tried saving directly to c: drive -> BSOD everytime. But KB4517389 does relate to fixing latency issues and cldflt.sys is a Cloud Files Mini Filter Driver. Perhaps this is a latency issue on cloud files after all? One thread on cldflt.sys suggested a workaround for disabling autosave on all Office applications.
  9. Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately, removing KB4517389 does not help. The BSOD still occurs when saving to OneDrive.
  10. I have new Surface Laptop 2 with the latest Windows 10 Pro. Tried Affinity Designer trial version from the Microsoft Store, liked it and purchased the full version from the Microsoft Store. The trial version worked fine, without issues. The full version was installed as a second version, leaving the trial version visible. That was slightly annoying, so I uninstalled the trial version. This may have caused some registry errors. When starting the full version of Affinity Designer, the Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) emerged after five seconds, referring to cldflt.sys. Uninstalling and reinstalling the AD did not help. Followed one cldflt.sys fix and changed using regedit the DWORD value of Start from 2 to 3. No help. Changed Start value back to 2. Noting from the other topic in this forum that the bug may be related to OneDrive, I refreshed the OneDrive connection -> the Designer application started without the BSOD for the first time. Now the AD causes BSOD sometimes when trying to open or save files from the OneDrive. Many users have complained similar situations and the response has been similar - AD cannot crash the system. But that is exactly what it does. I have not experienced BSOD with any other applications in three years with my business laptops. Disabling the OneDrive is not an option as I have to make my living with this system. The OS is a fresh install for the new laptop, so I cannot remove any earlier updates. What could be the root cause for the cldflt.sys error? Which register values should work with AD? Could this be related to the response time from OneDrive?
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